Most Anticipated Games on Mobiles of 2018

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Created Jan 5, 2018 by Tzeelim
This year we'll get a bunch of juicy games for our mobiles. There some cool ports, some classics, and unique exclusives with AR. Some of them are already in beta, so go get 'em!
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Tree of Savior (English Ver.) screenshot
    Ragnarok Online have tried to come to mobiles many times but the original gameplay was too difficult for small screen. Let's hope that ToS will be more lucky.
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      Just look at this beauty!
      My Tamagotchi Forever screenshot
        I miss my old pocket pet, soon I will get a new one!
        The X-Files: Deep State screenshot
          For every fan of solving mysteries and the original show. Looks like there is no Mulder, but who knows, who knows...
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            A HUGE hit from for big platforms is getting a mobile version after the wave of clones in stores.
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              One of the best digital board games comes to iOS. 
              Tekken (mobile) screenshot
                Hope, they will manage to do the right controls this time. Fighting on a mobile is a cool idea, but it's always messy when it comes to combos.
                Harry Potter: Wizards Unite screenshot
                  You are in magic mobile MMO which makes it MMMMO, muggle! Developed by the guys behind Pokemon GO, this will be huge.
                  Project Aurora screenshot
                    CCP is making a little EVE online for mobiles. If you know EVE, you are already hyped!
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                      [Android release]A huge indie title comes to small screens.
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                        A new version of the ultimate hardcore platformer will arrive on mobiles too.
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                          A port of the immortal browser MMORPG for mobile.
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