Picnic Games

Created Jun 18, 2018 by Brahmaputra
It's so nice to go out to the forest, watch the nature, relax and forget about the problems... The bad news is, most of us still need to stay in offices and stare at computers all day long. The good news is - there is a huge variety of games to enjoy the views and unite with the nature without leaving your house! Here are 5 great examples of them.
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Firewatch is a game about a man who left everything he had and went into the woods. Here you need to explore an endless forest to prevent the wildfire. You are accompanied by a misterious woman who tells you what to do via the radio, and short pieces of stories from your past life.
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While The Witcher 3 is a game where you walk a lot and explore a huge amount of locations, it actually features a picnic scene. If you agree to help Keira Metz with her side quest, she will ask you out for a picnic. Whether you have a romance with her or not, the characters will have a good time - and Geralt will fall asleep. In the morning he'll get another quest - to find Keira.
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What can make you closer to the nature than becoming a part of it? In fact, Shelter is a badger simulator. You need to protect your cubs from the natural perils of nature. The game has awesome paper collage visuals that cover a dangerous world of the game. If badgers are not your thing, play Shelter 2 and take on the role of mother lynx.
If you prefer to go outside not just to sit on the ground and eat, this hunting simulator is for you. Call of the Wild shows outstanding locations and highly realistic animals. The game challenges your skills - you need to be patient and attentive to hunt down and kill someone. Notice that different species need different types of weapon and tactics to be used.
Ori and the Blind Forest is a side-scrolling platformer, released in 2015. It follows the story of a cute little creature named Ori that needs to save the forest from death. In his adventures he's supported by a spirit named Sane. Together they solve puzzles and defeat threats. The game has multiple references to The Lion King and The Iron Giant.