What a sick trick, dude!

Created Dec 5, 2017 by MeZev
How about an extreme sport simulators where the only goal is to tackle that combo? The genre has been always rare, but it had its days of glory and there are still some good games from time to time.
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 screenshot
    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 was touted as the first Tony Hawk game with online mode. The next chapter took it to the next level by letting you play with eight other skaters and battle with them. A free r…
    Hover: Revolt Of Gamers screenshot
      To a certain degree, you can think of this game as of Jet Set Radio’s follower. It has various missions and an open world with the ability for other players to enter it any time and play with each oth…
      Pure screenshot
        Best Racing Game of E3 2008 and a pleasant surprise from Disney Interactive. Funny arcade racing game with quad bikes and tricks.
        skate. screenshot
          A breath of fresh air, it came out in 2007, when people started to forget that skateboarding games could actually be cool and entertaining. It introduced not only more true-to-life gameplay, but also …
            The sequel to the hit indie arcade skateboarding game. The sequel is what a good sequel must be: more levels, more tricks, more everything. Sadlym it doesn’t have an online mode.
              A triple-A game about skiing in the Alps from Ubisoft. It’s hard to believe, but it really came out and was well received by the public.
              Jet Set Radio screenshot
                unique gameplay + original music + visual style = a piece of art. If you’ve ever liked the underground culture of 90’s, this game is a must have.
                Joe Danger 2: The Movie screenshot
                  The first game by Sean Murray Hello Games, the guys who now are known for No Man Sky. Joe Danger! is not that huge, but filled with vivid content and entertaining gameplay. It’s also a great choice fo…
                  Infinite Air with Mark McMorris screenshot
                    This game gets everything right what Steep got wrong. The game feels more hardcore, so if you are in for some serious skiing, try this one.