2019 7DRL Hungry Little Space Rogue

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  • QWEADZXC or Numpad move your astronaut (mapped to cardinal 8 directions, diagonal movement is allowed).
  • H to hold next item in inventory
  • L  to drop held item
  • P to pick something up
  • Space bar to use held item.
  • O key orders more seeds

Each item held has a different use:

  • Plant your seeds by holding your seed bag and using it.  The fancy space GMOs will instantly grow ready crops, but it will deplete the soil in the process!
  • Use the shovel to dig up drops to harvest.   Your crops will immediately manifest as delicious chocolate bar rations!  Isn't technology wonderful?
  • Use your rations to eat them.   You will digest them quite quickly.  Who ever heard of a fat astronaut?

Earn credits by dropping things on the circular tiles.   Credits are used to buy more seeds.

The object is to avoid starving for as long as possible. 

  • Plan each move carefully!  Each move will generate hunger.  Even rifling through your inventory to hold the next item will cost you precious calories!
  • Be careful, there are a few ways you can get trapped and unable to feed yourself!
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2019 7DRL Hungry Little Space Rogue screenshot, image №1868319 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Mar 11, 2019

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