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7Hours is a mystery/horror game set in a small town gay bar. The protagonist plays a man who lost his girlfriend during a blackout in said bar. The lights come back on, the doors are locked, and two people are missing. The game then progresses into a clue-like scenario. 6 patrons, 6 rooms, 6 weapons, and one person is behind all of it.

Refrain from picking up weapons, as it makes the other patrons suspicious.

Not everything is what it seems. You have no idea what you're dealing with.

Game is in mid-alpha, so expect there to be bugs that were not completely combed through before release, and probably won't be for a little while until I gather enough sanity to dredge the game files back up (I spent 3 months, 13-15 hours a day every day working on this with no aid from any other designers, programmers, artists, anything; this game is 100% a one-man project, and I get PTSD just looking at it at the moment. There are a few known bugs with the eye function, as well as some dialogue and animation issues, but 90% sure nothing game-breaking).

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Vanduyn Games
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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