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Agarest: Generations of War 2

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Following the huge successes of the number 1 Steam top selling epic SRPG, Agarest: Generations of War and its prequel Agarest: Generations of War ZERO, Ghostlight are proud to release the massively updated sequel to the series, Agarest: Generations Of War 2!

This sequel was previously only available on PlayStation® 3 but now comes to STEAM bringing with it a host of new features, visual improvements and an enticing blend of in-depth strategy and multi-generational storytelling!

Agarest: Generations of War 2 is set in a parallel world to the previous two Agarest titles and has a completely new multi generational story and universe to explore. So while existing fans of the series will of course see some familiar features and faces popping up, newer players will not need to have played the previous games to understand and enjoy this instalment of the story.

…One day, the world was enveloped by a mysterious blinding light causing terrible destruction. The central continent, from where the light is believed to have originated, fell silent and slowly, demons began to emerge and spread throughout the world like a plague.

Sometime afterwards, a young man by the name of Weiss, suffering from amnesia, encounters the enigmatic Eva who tells him that he has committed the sin of deicide. In order to atone for his crime he learns that he must become the "Vessel" in which the power of the divinity he slaughtered is to be stored. This power will be used to resurrect the one whose life Weiss stole, for those who betray the divine will pay for their sins in the space which separates salvation and damnation, as will their progeny...

New Agarest Universe: Roam freely and watch the story unfold in this newly designed Universe and battle colossal enemies in over 80hrs of compelling gameplay!

Revamped Battle System: Engage your ultimate warriors in a new faster paced combat system with real tactical depth and a wealth of character customisation

HD Graphics: Enjoy the all-new environments, CGs and your favourite animated character portraits in stunning high-definition

Mini-games: Engage in Bathtub, Shiatsu, and Massage mini-games!

Soul Breeding Returns: See your favourite heroines evolve over several decades through each passing generation

Choose Your Path: It’s not just the heroines you unite with but also the choices you make that will significantly change the outcome of the story.

This new version has full mouse/keyboard and gamepad support, Steam achievements, higher resolutions and a number of other user interface changes providing PC gamers with the best version of Agarest 2 to date. Cloud Saves are also supported as are Steam trading cards, backgrounds and icons while a wealth of DLC is included in the game completely free of charge with other packs available to purchase separately following release. Plus the new DLC system gives you control over how your downloaded content is managed, enabling you to pick and choose how it is added to your existing saves.Included Free DLC
Add-On Dungeon 1 Lucrelia – Extra Dungeon
Bonus Point Pack 1 – Contains 5,000G, 50PP and 500TP.
Bonus Point Pack 2 – Contains 100,000G, 100PP and 10,000TP.
Novice Hunter’s Survival Pack – Contains 4 Grass, 3 Relief Grass, 4 Cure Grass, 3 Blessed Leaf, 2 Fragments of Life and 1 Syrum Dust.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 1 – Contains 5 Flame Elements, 5 Ice Elements, 5 Elements of Thunder, 5 Elements of Wind, 5 Earth Elements, 5 Darkness Elements and 5 Elements of Light.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 2 – Contains 10 Silver Ore, 10 Platinum Ore, 5 Bauxite, 5 Trogtalite, 5 Magnetite, 5 Dolomite and 5 Pileroth.
Troglodyte Pack – Contains 1 Rusty Sword, 1 Rusty Bracelet, 1 Rusty Ring, 1 E. O. M., 1 Black Bustier and 1 Big Black.
Skilled Hunter’s Survival Pack – Contains 3 Recovery Grass, 2 Relief Herb, 3 Magic Herb, 2 Revitalizing Herb, 3 Blessed Fruit, 2 Stone of Life, 1 Marfile Seed and 2 Divine Branch.
Add-On Dungeon 2 Graccea – Extra Dungeon
Overtake Your Rival Pack 1 – Contains 2 Strength Up, 2 Vitality Up, 2 Intelligence Up, 2 Mind Up,2 Agility Up, 2 Dexterity Up and 2 Max HP Up.
Priscilla Can Do It Pack – Contains 1 Princess Bustier, 1 Imperial Guard, 1 Levitation Stone and 1 Princess's Tiara.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 3 – Contains 5 Flame Soul, 5 Ice Soul, 5 Thunder Soul, 5 Wind Soul, 5 Earth Soul, 5 Darkness Soul, 5 Light Soul and 2 Damascus.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 4 – Contains 10 Silver Bullion, 10 Platinum Bullion, 4 ATK Element α, 4 DEF Element α, 4 MAG Element α, 4 RST Element α, 2 Unicorn Horns and 2 Moonlight Flowers.
Add-On Dungeon 3 Enhambre – Extra Dungeon
Overtake Your Rival Pack 2 – Contains 2 Strength Up+, 2 Vitality Up+, 2 Intelligence Up+, 2 Mind Up+, 2 Agility Up+, 2 Dexterity Up+ and 2 Max HP Up+.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 5 – Contains 4 Strength Element α, 4 Vitality Element α, 4 Intelligence Element α, 4 Mind Element α, 4 Agility Element α, 4 Dexterity Element α, 2 Moon Fragments and 2 Dragon Fruits.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 6 – Contains 5 Flame Crystals, 5 Ice Crystals, 5 Thunder Crystals, 5 Wind Crystals, 5 Earth Crystals, 5 Darkness Crystals, 5 Light Crystals.
Veteran’s Survival Pack – Contains 3 Remedy Herbs, 2 Relief Kraut, 2 Elixir, 1 Elixir of Life, 2 Blessed Flowers, 1 Vessel of Life and 2 Bijou Root.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 7 – Contains 10 Mithril Ore, 10 Orichalcum Ore, 2 Keys of the Moon, 2 Keys of the Sun, 2 Crescent Moon Rocks, 2 Imperial Jewels, 2 Magic Crystal Chips and 2 Meteoric Irons.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 8 – Contains 3 Cuprum, 3 Argentum, 3 Stannum, 3 Breunnerite, 3 Galena, 3 Aurum, 3 Iron Roze, 3 Hideralzentum and 2 Shining Fangs.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 9 – Contains 1 Shining Blade, 1 Ring of Light, 1 Mysterious Jewel, 1 Genbu's Bowl, 1 Seiryuu's Eye, 1 Byakko's Crest, 1 Suzaku's Wing, 2 Generation Crystals and 2 Whispered Dreams.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 10 – Contains 2 ATK Element Ω, 2 DEF Element Ω, 2 MAG Element Ω, 2 RST Element Ω, 2 STR Element Ω, 2 VIT Element Ω, 2 INT Element Ω, 2 MND Element Ω, 2 AGI Element Ω and 2 DEX Element Ω.
Right to the Blacksmith Pack 11 – Contains 1 Kagetsu's Light, 1 Fairy Cloth, 1 Tree Frost Drop, 1 War God's Crown, 1 Blue Ribbon, 1 Divine Crest and 1 Lapis Noster.
Four Divine Beasts Pack – Contains 1 Genbu's Gauntlet, 1 Seiryu's Sword, 1 Byakko's Bracelet, 1 Suzaku's Ring, 1 Funky Chicken and 1 Chicken Ring.
Unlock Character Galleries - This will unlock all of the gallery items for the downloadable characters.
Release date
Idea Factory
Ghostlight LTD
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2.13GHz Intel Core2 Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 64Mb RAM and support for v3 shaders
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 7 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: 3GHz Intel i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 128Mb RAM and support for v3 shaders
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Agarest: Generations of War 2 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
After the release of Agarest 2, many players who passed 1 and 0 part of the Bombanulo, TC combat system strongly changed, crossed Cross Edge with Agarest. The Game has lost its basic chip, TK ceased to be tactical and such hardcore (however, some fights even on the normal without the proper rocking "fat" and skills can not even be matched) as were 1 and 0 part. And the game began to shine. However, I have passed the game 2 times and it is still not bad. If you do not burn from the change of combat system and you do not play only in triple A-projects in the genre of JRPG, then play quite nicely. The Musonchik in the game is so-so. I Liked and remembered only 2 compositions, and then one only at the end of the true ending. Therefore, fights are more pleasant to carry out under the music. Hyde for the true end can be found in the steam. The Nuts with the JPN/NA version also work on this version with a couple of clarifications of the authors of the guides. Here are a few points to compare with the previous parts. What has not changed That changed the Change of generations of Mini-games in the Banke, which increase the indicators and the level of affection of heroines to the GG. A Lot of game characters Fighting system has become not tactical, so to think almost in any battle does not need to Pump the characters Appeared the opportunity to run freely on the world map, and in the data is moving around the points. A Good plot, not grabbing the stars from the sky, with twists in the spirit of Japanese works of Graphonus became better, Modelki honorable. More saturated paints Were used. Kraft Everything and everything, a lot of crafting everything and everything. Limit Points (analogue Turns), which are awarded for each event and the quest made in the Guild. Movement on the map and the data on them is not affected. Using Wikis and other resources (TK on Wiki on 2 part is not all information unfortunately) to find the right monster, things. In the past, each character had its own unique passive abilities (Parry, Resolve, etc.), which appeared at certain levels. In 2 Parts These skills are studied by each character from the books of skills. Possible variants of passive skills at Persians differ. Several endings, including True End and Boundari (but here it is small, heh) Crafting skills are no more. Buy The books Skills for TP and for them you study each Persian the right skills. Difficulty Levels + Replay ability. Each special reception Has 2 variations, which can be changed in the menu. And depending on the chosen variant the Damag, element, radius and effects from the rush can change. Lots of fights and many hours of gameplay. The party consists of 4 characters instead of 6. ----The Absence of tactical fields. Instead, there are several locations of our party depending on its characters. From The chosen leader party comes a bonus, which each character has his (AP Recovery, ATK + and TP)---the Creation of puppets with the help of Forbidden Tome now is very cheap---there is a function Attachment, which allows you to attach/INSERT into the weapon various Special Kraft things that increase stats. ---Regardless of the level of affection, you can choose your wife at the end of the generation. ---There is no limit on the number of moves to revive a fallen fighter in battle (down with the hardcore, down!!!!) ---During the battle, you can change the character to any other available in stock. Including the dead character during the battle can be replaced when it will move. My evaluation of the second Agaresta 6 with a ladle of 10. It would be almost 10 out of 10, but from the game completely threw her basic chip, fully buried this once hardcore tactical JRPG series in the grave. Although They still released Agarest Senki Marriage on the PsP, which is not Agarest at all and it is better you do not see it. P.S. Mini game with Banka. Already Imagine beauty and relax huh? Bite Off, tell you the!!! How to rotate the stick from the controller if you do not have a controller?!! And This minigame will blow your brain even with the gamepad until you're on the ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ The thumb of your hand to get profit from it. And you will definitely need it when you decide to go through the game on the true end. When you jerk off, you're not going to get a hand like that in that Banke.
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