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Disney Alice in Wonderland

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"You're Invited to a Tea Party...
Explore the brightly colored and vividly imagined world of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in this intriguing game based on the feature film. Guide Alice through a myriad of adventures in the strange and compelling realm of Wonderland as she makes her way toward the ultimate battle against the Jabberwocky. Play as any of a variety of classic characters, including the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat, and master an assortment of intriguing new abilities, like altering perception, making objects invisible and even manipulating time. Conquer challenging puzzles, roam through whimsical settings and confront perplexing optical illusions as you while away a day traveling beyond the movie and into a world of pure, captivating fantasy."

Release date
Etranges Libellules
Brave Rock Games
Etranges Libellules Studios
Disney Interactive, Brave Rock Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) / Windows Vista (with Service Pack 2)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV at 2.0 Ghz or Equivalent AMD
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB VRAM – DirectX 9.0 Compatible Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 7 GB available space
  • Sound Card: 16-Bit DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • Additional Notes: Onboard (built-in) integrated chipsets are not supported

System requirements for Nintendo DS

System requirements for Wii

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Last Modified: Sep 22, 2023

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Disney Alice in Wonderland reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Alice in Wonderland Fan? Definitely look at it! Disney Alice in Wonderland for PC is part of the ACTION adventure genre. It was released on March 4, 2010 by Developer Disney Interactive for the Film by Tim Burton. The Game follows the Plot of the Film rather loosely-I rather find that the Film is the Prehistory of the game-but one does not slip into the Role of the Girl Alice, but instead accompany her on her Journey with five gradually unplayable Characters. (McTwisp, Mallymkun, Märzhase, Hatter and Grinsekatze) Each of the five Characters has its own Ability, which must be unlocked in the running of the Game through small Tasks, which must be cleverly deployed to solve Puzzles and find Ways through the crazy Game world. The More Characters and Abilities you unlock, the more difficult the Puzzles become. But You also encounter all the other Characters from the Film, such as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, or conceited, talking Tulips. In the Game you collect by Fringe and Solving the Puzzles "impossible ideas," with these Ideas you can unlock new Things. My Opinion: Since I haven't played the Game through yet, I can say little to the End. But I really liked the Part I played until I played! It's funny, quirky and just Alice in Wonderland Style. The fight actions are quite nicely done, even if I have struggled here and there. Each Character fights in his own Way. Just as the Puzzles here and there were not easy and I was often confused in front of it. The camera control was in need of getting used to at the Beginning and is sometimes unfortunately cumbersome. The Graphics, on the other hand, are well done and the World/Maps are beautifully designed. There is something to destroy everywhere, which-let's all be honest-is a lot of Fun! In a nutshell: Sweet Story, beautiful Graphics, Control is awkward here and there. However, it is for someone who likes fairy Tales, grade the Alice Fairy tale loves, or Puzzles likes to Recommend with a little Action, a really nice Game and in my Opinion! I tested the Game in my Stream within about 4h if you're interested, check out here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/127660792
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Information Alice in Wonderland is an action adventure developed by Etranges Libellules Studios. Gameplay/Story Disney Alice in Wonderland is set 10 Years after the Original Story and is the only Video Game modeled after Tim Burton's new Film. With the Help of the White Rabbit, the Mad Hutmacher, the March Hate, the Grinsecat, The Haselmaus And many others, you travel across the Country, learn unique Abilities and solve numerous Puzzles. As you hopple through the Level, you can destroy smaller Vegetation (Grasses, Mushrooms, etc.) or open Boxes, which then donate Coins. In General, you should also collect a few of them, because when you die, you lose a few of these Coins. Furthermore, Chess pieces can be found, which can then be exchanged (With a corresponding Number of Coins) in the "Loading" (Chessboard in the Level) for further Abilities of the individual Characters. Fight the Red Queen Soldiers and help Alice save Underland. Graphic/Sound Attention to Detail is present and the Soundtrack has been appropriately selected. Characters There are a total Of 5 playable characters: McTwips (Time, object color: Blue), small Mouse (Melee), March Base (Brown Bunny; Telekinesis, purple), Hatter (Perspective, yellow) and Grin Cat (Invisibility, green). Alice is never playable at any Point, but likes to run around in the Way or let the Red Playing Cards take her away. You start with McTwips and the Mouse. The Group is gradually expanded while one is prioritized in the Game. Each Character has a Special Ability (see above) except for the Mouse. Items that are "receptive" to these Special Abilities light up when In contact with the Pointer in their own Color. For example, McTwips can stop the Time: Stop rotating Objects, temporarily freeze counters, etc. Some Puzzles require the Use of multiple Characters, such as Freezing two fluttered bands, which are then assembled into one with The Help of Hutmacher's Perspective. Pro + Varied Story + Attention to Detail + Orignalvoices + Orignalvoices + Orignalvoices + upgrades + Coop Mode (I didn't allude) + collectible items + Trading Cards Kontra-fights seem monotonous-Alice usually gets in the Way and disturbs-Game Is simply kept conclusion Alice in Wonderland is a captivating new Adventure about the Battle of Good and Evil-with plenty of Imagination, creativity and, of course, a Tea party! Clear Buy recommendation.
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