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Alpha Prime

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Alpha Prime is a singleplayer FPS game developed by Black Element Software.


In a distant future, a space asteroid mining corporation successfully find a never before seen asteroid with the richest deposits of a mineral, that is used for powering the intergalactic space vessels. When the State Business Federation deployed miners on this asteroid, it was discovered that this amount of a valuable resource causes insomnia, drives the miners both suicidal and homicidal. Further mining was deemed highly dangerous, causing further evacuation of the miners. The asteroid was sealed off. Arnold Weiss is recruited by his old friend for a search and rescue mission.


The game features ten fairly open-ended levels. The environments of the game are highly interactive. The gameplay of the game resembles the classic first-person shooters of the early 2000s with several new additions. The players can hack terminals that reveal the events happened on the asteroid before the evacuation of a mining mission. Sometimes, the players have to solve basic hacking puzzles to proceed further. A classical Max Payne influenced bullet time is also present in the game. This allows to slow down time in the most complicated combat situations.


The game's soundtrack composed by the Czech musician Kasny Jaroslav was highly praised by the critics. All the sixteen tracks were released to the public free of charge.

Release date
Black Element
Bohemia Interactive
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Supported OS: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible 128 MB graphics card
  • DirectX Version: DirectX® 9.0c
  • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB Hard Drive space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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    Alpha Prime reviews and comments

    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    Am very divided with the Game. In many Places the Game is damn fun but there are also far too many Places that are almost impossible to cope with. The AI is even on Simple way too strong because they come from everywhere and shoot at you without which you can really take Cover. Often it has frustrated me so much that I have cheated invulnerably and just walked to the next Goal. The Story is also something Mau and the Dialogues can't really be taken seriously as a lot of things are spoken very monotonously. If there were fewer Opponents or these were not a Meeting from anywhere, the SPiel would definitely be worth its Price.
    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    I haven't got through it yet, but it remains questionable whether that will ever happen. I don't give much to negative Reviews. Many rate the Games simply because of "too bad Graphics" or such a Nonsense. This is completely inconsequential to me. But this Game ... Even on a slight, you die within Seconds because the Enemies do enormous Damage. The Developers could have given themselves this, felt to clap hundreds of healing Stations on the Walls every 5 Meters if there was simply a Damage model adapted to the Degree of Difficulty. But there isn't. The K.I. is also Stubborn. When they shoot, they hit one, but if, for example, they stand in a Group too four with their Backs to one, only the Shot opponent concentrates on one. The other 3 is the completely Sage that their Comrade is just being sifting through. There are different Weapons, but it is practically possible to forget how to use them. With the Hammer you have 0 Chance in Melee, the Gun does too little Damage, the Pump gun is too slow etc pp. The only meaningful Weapon is the MG. Even the Hand Grenades can be practically folded into the Barrel. You have to catch a Room where you can throw them practically around the Corner. Going into Cover somewhere has no Purpose-the K.I. hits you, as I said, virtually anytime, anywhere. There is also a Bullettime, but it does not bring Zero Comma. Presumably, she didn't even get a Key Assignment From the Developers. A Bullettime usually makes sense to give me Time to turn off large Amounts of opponents more easily. In Alpha Prime, on the other hand, the Opponents shoot in Slow Motion-but every Ball sits. Each. So It doesn't make a Difference whether you use Bullettime or not. Constantly storing fast, as others have already written, is essential. You die so fast and so often and when you die you have to start the whole Level from new. In addition to shooting, you practically constantly press F5 and F9. And last but not least: The Game is interrupted a hundred times. Be it from shorter Video Footage Or those that run for minutes. If I had wanted to watch a Movie, I wouldn't have bought a Video Game. That annoys animal. So even for the 0.99 Cent, it's gift-gift-lost Money. Sry.
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