Arc the Lad II (2010)

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Purchase this PS one® Classic and play it on both your PS3™ and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) systems!

Arc the Lad II features bigger battles, more characters, harder bosses, a deep and compelling story, and brain-wasting strategy that come together in a way that made what many call one of the best Strategy RPG games ever made. Follow the adventure of the Hunter Elc as he unravels his mysterious past and seeks out the criminal Arc the Lad. Customize a fantastic roster of characters and decide which jobs and bounties you will pursue as you learn why things are not as they seem. The Dark One is manipulating events and only you can defeat his diabolical plan. And, if you played Arc the Lad and conquered its 50 level dungeon, you can import your save data into Arc II and unlock new and secret events and storylines only possible with the imported data!

Download this PS one® Classic today!

Transferring to a PSP® system from your PS3™ system:

You must be signed into the PlayStation®Network account that originally purchased the game. You must have at least 342 MB free on your Memory Stick Duo™. Connect your PSP® system to your PS3™ system with a USB cable and switch your PSP® system to USB Mode. Highlight the game on the PS3™ XMB™, press the Δ button and select Copy.

PC Store Customers:
Log into your PlayStation®Network account that you originally used to purchased the game. Then, download the game from your “Download List” in the PlayStation®Store onto your PS3™ system.

This title has been converted from the original PlayStation® disc to the PSP® and the PS3™ systems. Consequently, there may be times where the title plays differently from the PlayStation® disc version, or where some features may not function properly. This version does not support PlayStation® peripherals (controller, memory card, multitap, etc.), therefore functionalities such as multiplayer, versus, and co-op modes are not available.

Purchase indicates acceptance of the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service/User Agreement and this item's use restrictions. If you do not wish to accept all these terms, do not purchase this item. One-time license fee for downloads to up to 2 console systems and 2 portable systems that are associated with the purchasing account.

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Release date
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Age rating
13+ Teen

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Last Modified: Aug 2, 2019

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Arc the Lad II (2010) reviews and comments

Where to start with this game. Well, this game is definitely for those who enjoy the PS1 era RPGs with tons and tons of grinding. So much so, I found myself using some glitches and hacks to try to get around just how long it would take. I feel like this is caused by early on in the game, your party splits up. And while this definitely works well story wise, it causes a massive level imbalance that carries on until the end of the game. Another point of pain, is this right before the end the enemy levels skyrocket way out of proportion to how quick you are leveling. It definitely hurts the story to right at the climax have to go grind 30 levels just to able to not die for the last boss. Once you put the work in however, this game is definitely rewarding. The battle gameplay is very well polished and entertaining. It puts much more strategy into it than the usual RPG, pick your action and wait till your next turn. You'll find yourself realizing that attacking from the side or behind works well on some enemies while others it doesn't at all. Also, putting your characters in very specific formations is crucial for the last couple bosses, which by the way, are some of the most intense I've ever experienced with an RPG. Overall, this game is a gem, and should be given more recognition than it has been given. There are a few qualms that tarnish the overall game, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys RPG games.
«Blew my mind»
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