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Arcante is an Old-School, First Person, Party-Based RPG.

Inspired by games that defined the genre, Arcante will bring you to a land where exploring and listening to suggestions is crucial to succeed.

Discover game mechanics as you play and fight enemies with a dynamic combat system, that lets you play from the point of view of your "party representative", while your party members attack in turns. And if you like to take things slowly, just pause the game and plan your next round of attacks!

Manage the party, train them, loot or buy equipment and find out what works best for them. Will your team be able to rise up to the increasingly difficult challenges, and become the heroes whose deeds are praised for the eternity?

Mysteries and hidden treasures are waiting for you, as well as both dungeons and dragons!

  • 5 Classes
  • 8 Animated Portraits
  • 20 Abilities
  • Color-Coded Equipment with Thousands of Combinations
  • 15 Weapon Types
Old-Style Challenges

Completing the game once will unlock a new game mode: you will be able to start a new game with any number of characters in your party, from one to four. Are you up for a challenge?

Arcante is here to let people feel the vibes of old games; no one knew much about their mechanics before their releases, and they were often cryptic: tutorials were hardly a thing and the path to follow was uncertain. But don't worry, difficulty settings are there to make things a little easier... or harder!

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Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Nov 30, 2020

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