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Astro Tripper

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Astro Tripper is a furious shoot-em-up experience inspired by the painful, knuckle busting video games of years gone by. An evolution of PomPom's 2001 award winning game, Space Tripper. Travel the surface of large horizontally-scrolling platforms, and pit your highly maneuverable craft against hoards of enemies eager to blow you to bits, eat you or worse.

Gameplay is simple. You are free to travel anywhere on the platform at anytime, but don’t fall off! Powerful Blue Lasers and Red Spread Lasers come equipped, so use both weapons tactically to get through tricky situations. Power up your weapons with power crystals dropped by destroyed enemies. Oh, did we mention the blasting absolutely anything that moves?

Enemies encountered are varied. Zippy UFOS. Fat Motherships. Tanks. Choppers. Slimy Slug creatures. Alien Insects. Aztec structures brimming with electricity. And of course, Big Bosses! 14 unique levels spread over 4 diverse worlds means there’s always something new just around the corner.

Key features:
  • Furious retro shoot-em-up gameplay
  • 14 completely unique levels spread over 4 worlds
  • Vibrant 3D visuals and effects
  • Global Online Leaderboards
  • Unlockable Challenge Games
  • Achievements
Release date
PomPom Games
Pom Pom Games
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for PlayStation 3

System requirements for PC


  • OS:XP,Vista,7
  • Processor:1.6GHZ or better
  • Memory:512 MB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c compatible Shader 2
  • DirectX®:dx90c
  • Hard Drive:75 MB HD space
  • Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible


  • DirectX®:dx90c
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Last Modified: Sep 26, 2022

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Sneeky Incursion
Destroy the Boss without opening more than one outer door. Only 1 of the 3 outer doors may be opened to any degree.
Wheel Collector
Complete level Fizz Wheels without killing a Fizz Wheel, ( the rolling wheels connected by a laser ).
Worm Tangle
Destroy 3 Worms in sequence on The Ooze.
Spidery Point
Destroy the Spider Boss on Arachnophobia, without destroying any of its mini guns.
Tank Sympathizer
Destroy both generators on Claustrophobia without killing a Tank.
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shmupturday 🚀=== #009 Astro Tripper [PS3] 🙈
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Astro Tripper reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Originally posted by onboard computer: * beep beep */startup in progress/... Operating system: Windows 7... .... Processor: Intel Core I7 2.67 GHz... GPU: GeForce GTX 660... Starting the current program... Please select the first level...... difficulty? ... ... Easy confirmed. This ship is small but the cockpit is comfortable. Well, it starts, apparently I'm in a longitudinal arena. Hold this command allows me to rotate the ship to face my left now. I'm going to have to watch my back. Ah, and this is... a command to change shooting, it turns red and makes strange bows. I'm going to stay on the blue shot I think, I can't see the Red shot being handy in the immediate future. The first enemies are coming. I'll shoot. The weapon loses pace drastically! After 2 seconds, it's ruined, it's better to wait and let the weapon recharge. Bam! First enemy destroyed. Okay, I noted, just wait 2 seconds in each firing interval. It's more strategic than nervous, but it's fine with me. On the other hand the ship seems to slip like on ice, it's very strange. I'll get used to it... A second enemy, I aim and.. Bam! Originally posted by onboard computer:... Visible display frequency drop... Start of the FRAPS program for confirmation...... The Visual environment is broadcast at 45 frames per second... Poop. That's not going to help me. And I thought that easy mode was going to be a breeze. Oh a wave of enemies, it's gone I shoot everything that moves! Originally posted by onboard computer:... Noticeable display frequency drop... The Visual environment is broadcast at 28 frames per second. That's not true! Yet it is not my first program, and it is not the dozen particles that should be responsible for it. And my machine is a veteran of war, I'm not going to put myself to overclock for a basic game program like this! I'm having trouble grasping what's going on there. Oh, an enemy in the back, let's rotate. And BAM! Faster you die, haha. I almost caught him in the face, it becomes difficult to read. Originally posted by onboard computer:... Noticeable display frequency drop... The Visual environment is broadcast at 24 frames per second. Is that a joke? Come on, I'll stop the program. I'll take advantage of it to uninstall it. We'll see the discussion forum. Ah, apparently I'm not the only one experiencing a laughable performance drop. Barely a fortnight of topics Besides, the game does not seem to shine by its popularity. Number of active players record indicated by SteamCharts.com: "6". Looking for an alternative? Syder arcade.
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