Bartleby In Space

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Bartleby, intrepid intergalactic explorer extraordinaire, has a bit of a problem. His ship broke down and now he’s stranded in the middle of an asteroid belt. He needs three components to fix his ship: fuel, a new hyperdrive module, and an asteroid shield. The strange inhabitants of the asteroid belt may have the things he needs, but they come at a high price: his precious oxygen which is already ticking down. Can Bartleby fix his ship and travel home before his air supply runs out? His fate is in your hands.


  • Left Mouse Button………..Activate Thrusters
  • Right Mouse Button……..Open Map/Inventory
  • Space………………………………Interact/Repair Ship

Bartleby’s space suit is equipped with zero-gravity thrusters. Just hold the mouse button down and Bartleby will rocket away. The further the mouse cursor is from Bartleby, the faster he will accelerate.

Bartleby’s map is his most valuable asset. It shows key landmarks in the galaxy. Search near the landmarks for characters who want something from Bartleby. If its not in his inventory, they’ll also tell him where to find it. Follow the chain of requests to get the items Bartleby needs to fix his ship!

Bartleby has ten minutes of oxygen in his tank. If you install one of the key items (fuel, hyperdrive, or shield) into his ship, his oxygen will refill. Use this to stay alive!

Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 44. Theme: Your life is currency

  • Engine: Unity
  • Code: C#
  • Art: Photoshop
  • Music: FakeMusicGenerator
  • SFX: bfxr
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Last Modified: May 3, 2019

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