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Bastard Bonds

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Justice has failed. The criminal, the deranged, the inconvenient, and the uncomfortable; all are cast across the sea to the greedy island of Lukatt, whose shores let nothing slip free. Whether sinner or saint, you are one of these outcasts, and it is there, in a dark cell on the cold shore of that island, where you will finally cut fate's throat and take control of your own future.

Gather a band of the criminal and the forgotten, forgive their transgressions or ostracize them, use them as workhorses or nurture their trust, slaughter your enemies or spare them, release the conquered or press them into service. Find a way to escape the inescapable, or find a way to bend it to your will.
Bastard Bonds is a mature, fast-paced tactical RPG with high-end pixel art and in-depth character customization, including built-in sprite mod support. Featuring more than 200 in-game locations, more than 1000 character sprites, an all-original soundtrack, and 40+ hours of gameplay.
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Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Processor: 2Ghz or faster processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB VRam
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: 1280 x 720 screen resolution or larger, keyboard and mouse
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Bastard Bonds reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I don't like doing it, but I really can't recommend the Game. Had it on the Wish List for a long time and has now struck in a Sale. It has only one Hanger, and it's not even particularly good. No Idea why the "Adult Topics" are so magnificently highlighted in English. It May be because, as a European, I am not satisfied with Sexuality or Taboo Issues as quickly as, for example, an American who have almost got these Topics out of everything. Maybe that's Where the Popularity of the Game lies. But Is a Matter of Taste, for me it's all far too tame and after almost 10 Hours of Play there were only a Handful of "Adult" Lyrics. But what cannot be forgiven are the following Things: 1. Mechanics are hardly explained self-settings in the Options either by Chance or you get bouned for them. Even Stats of Items are unknown and many of them even negative In Parts (but this is difficult to find out). There is a Card after a few Levels that explains a lot, but if you don't write it along, you are confused again with the very many similar-sounding things. 2. The Lap Fights are boring For which you spend 99% of your Time in these, the far too simple System behind them is really just Laziness of the Developers. You can Defend (you take 50% less Damage in the next Round), Attack or carry out a "Risk" Attack. "Risk" means that with each Attack a Bar charges further and further, where the ever fuller it is always higher the Possibility that you make a "Patzer" and then lose your Turn and take 50% more Damage in the next Round. Sounds interesting, but since the Opponents almost always attack with "Risk" you are also forced to do this so that you can Counteract the "Special Attacks." Otherwise, each Enemy sometimes attacks 3 to 4x in one Round and you only attack once. Conclusion: The only interesting Mechanics are worth nothing because the Opponents use them far too often (= Permanent). 3. Hardly Any agency Although this is "Touted" here. Yes, you can choose which "Villain" you hire. But You don't see what they can do before, so you take the Cat in the Bag. I didn't have to make a single Decision about the Plot in the first 10 Hours of play. Since there is hardly anything anyway, Text or History is nowhere available. Except that only comes after 20 Hours of Play ... Also, the World is not freely enrichable, you have to work your way forward in order to get to other Areas. Didn't bother me, but I expected something else through the Descriptions. 4. Objects Because in many you do not know what the Stats mean on it, it does not really matter that you can only equip a Weapon, an Armor and an Object. Also the Inventory is very limited, initially only 2 Places for each Character, but there are anyway except for Food or Items that you can make money hardly anything to find. So If you like to compare Items and rejoice when you find something, you are wrong here. Too Bad, the individual Areas are very varied, opponents there are also many different ones. But most of the time, unfortunately, it is only a long time ago. A Hype for People who only go off with the simple Words "Cannibal, Murderer, Assault, Abduction (most of the others unfortunately fades Steam here in the Text)." The Game doesn't go really deeper into these Themes with really good Dialogues anyway ...
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