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Below Zero is a tactical turn-based strategy and role-playing game for PC
The main attention in project is taken by the fight system and accidental incidents on the map during the way. You will have to reach a certain point controlling the parameters: 1. Hunger 2. Temperature 3. Health.

The fight system is a classic Active Time Battle, where you have to combine the abilities of the characters and think over the tactics of defeating the enemy.
Also our goal is to surprise and interest the player during his campaign and give him a choice that will affect the plot of the game.

There was a planetary catastrophe that has led to general temperature drop on the planet, which caused the death of almost all vegetation because of constant low temperature, and as a result, the emigration and death of herbivores. And because of a shortage of food, most carnivores began to come out of their range and starve, and as a result they began to attack people.

The protagonist is a researcher behind the Arctic Circle and works at a scientific station that recorded and investigated climatic deviations beyond the Arctic Circle. During the research, the earth began to cool sharply, and strong storms began to form on the planet. Since the station was beyond the Arctic Circle, it fell into the region of strong snow storms, and because of that satellite and radio communications failed at the station. In case of emergencies, cryocamera were installed on the station, so that personnel could survive the lack of food and water supplies and wait for help. After some time, when all the staff were plunged into anabiosis, for an unknown reason, cryocameras began to fail at the station, so awakened people were doomed to a hungry and cold death. The protagonist is one of the "lucky ones" who is destined to wake up early and look for a way to survive and find help.


  • Platform - The game will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • Long journey - The game will be designed from 2 to 20 hours (may be more, depends on the player)

  • Random generation - In the game there will be an accidental generation of the world and enemies to entice the player during the game's replay.

  • Character development - During the journey, your character will accumulate experience points and with their help you will be able to discover abilities and improve the characteristics of your characters.

  • Random events - During the journey, the player will randomly generate events that have multiple decisions, and depending on the chosen player's decision, the result will be different.

  • Taming animals (creatures) - During a battle, the player is given the opportunity not to kill the hostile animal encountered, but to injure and transfer to his side, after that it will fight for you.

  • Variety of enemies - you will meet different enemies with their own characteristics and tactics.
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Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics: with 1024 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Below Zero reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Frost sneaks to the bone even sitting by the fire. The Food is literally on the day and the medicine in the bag can be found only a couple of pills painkillers. It is not necessary to wait for Rescue, therefore the exit only one-to collect the will in a fist, to breathe full breast and to go through a glacier on the two. Hope dies last. That'S what we're going to do in Below Zero, literally. To Overcome glaciers, caves and fight for survival among the cutting on the skin ice blizzard. In Addition to unfriendly weather our obstacle will be wild animals in the face of bears and wolves... And something else (spoiler). And both species are not able to hunt the human individual together, bypassing the species barrier. So we put together a backpack and moved on. Control the character will not allow us, it goes from left to right-from the Privala in which we start the game to the base, where we are waiting for salvation. Only a couple of factors can Affect the character's progress: attacking opponents or finding obstacles or objects on the way. You can also camp and take a break: heal, warm up or eat something. Basically from us here it is necessary only competently to allocate resources and sometimes to accept rather doubtful in terms of variability of gameplay of the decision. For Example, you can find a corpse deer, at this point the game will kindly give you a choice: to examine the carcass or not. There is no Sense to give up, because it does not really affect anything, but to examine the deer or any orphan bag in the middle of the glacier (apparently lost someone) is always worth-meat can be suitable for consumption. Actually, most of the resources are extracted-they just lie on the road and wait for you to pick them up. Management In fact turned out to be quite simple, and all sorts of templates of meetings quite quickly got accustomed. Only the change of the situation is closer to the middle of the game and the appearance of new sources of resources, but this in reality still proves to be extremely insufficient. Below Zero will not be able to captivate you gameplay if before it you played in any Call of Duty or... Any other blockbuster. It's a game in a different vein. This can lead to a meditative process and a rather low requirement for a player's involvement. A Cold blizzard, a pressing music and a wanderer fighting for his life in a god-forsaken place. The Fights here are incremental, sometimes they allow you to control several characters, thus slightly diversifying the tactical part and simplify the bout, because the opponents are often always more than two or three. The Abilities of the characters are usually two to four and they all look like a typical layout in turn-based games... or third WarCraft. As a result, Below Zero feels a clear defect in terms of diversity and the impact of decisions on the future outcome. The Game is more like the first pancake, which is a goat, but not without interesting moments. It is possible to play A half hour-an hour under the seagulls on a cold evening, but after one or two launches, you will probably not return to the game. It Tan a couple of times. I took a discount somewhere in 70% and I do not regret buying. Curator of "Special Games Club"-a verb burning the expanse of STEAM!
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