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Bermuda - Lost Survival

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Survivors, Adventurers, Explorers!
Prepare for the journey of your life and experience one of the world’s most mysterious regions! The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for the vanishing of countless ships and airplanes. Will you survive long enough to reveal it’s secret?

Open WorldBermuda – Lost Survival plays in an open world sea scenario containing sectors with different reefs and individual resources. Since a sector never contains all resources, you must plan strategic outposts and optimize your crafting chains and travel routes.Dynamic EcosystemEach reef in the game has an individual ecosystem that is affected by your actions. Observe the wildlife’s reaction and keep the natural balance as your life depends on the reefs natural supplies!Progressive GameplayAs you progress further, the game focus will shift: Crafting and building plays a very important role in the beginning. Your next step will be to explore deeper waters and find out about Bermuda’s myth. But your activities in the depths will not stay unnoticed!ExplorationUpgrade your equipment and prepare for the depths! Visit impressive wrecks and ancient structures. Search them for unique artifacts and hints that might lead you to the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.Late GameAfter drawing too much attention, a hostile faction guarding Bermuda’s secret will find you.
Take action and fight for your survival!
(Not available during Early Access)

Day 7I survived, alone, nothing but water and horizon around me.Day 13The harsh weather conditions and cold nights get debilitating. Supplies are running low.Day 15I crafted some basic tools and hunted for fish. Let’s hope I didn’t attract any predators. Fresh water is still a problem.Day 17I found a huge reef. It’s full of life and old wrecks. I salvaged a lot of useful materials from the depths and might be able to build a platform, like an ark or something.Day 29Welcome to my new home! It’s not beautiful, but a suitable shelter. I also found a way to distill water, so I should be safe for the moment.Day 30I’m trying to refine my crafted equipment for further exploration.Day 34Another reef, but something is different. The water seems darker here. I found an artifact near a strange stone formation. It looked like a sunken pyramid or temple. I spotted some sharks, so I marked the position for later.Day 41I was right about the stone formation, it’s an ancient building. There is a small entrance but I only found empty chambers inside. I need more oxygen and a light source to dive deeper into this labyrinth.Day 44Strange things are happening! Something awoke! I saw lights moving in the depths...

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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: Quad-Core CPU (Intel i5 or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible with 1024MB+ RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Visit all reefs
Build 15 structures
Successfully spear a fish
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Use dynamite to access a sunken cargo
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Bermuda - Lost Survival reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Ok, first something about graphics: The Game looks good, above and below water there is no Graphing Gasm waiting now, but in real Life you also see less in the Sea the deeper you dive. For me it seems consistent, but I am not a Diver and Consequently I lack personal Comparisons. And I'm not a Graphics Junkie. Other Things matter to Me. Fun to survive the Game and in this Case. So far, the Game has been running fluidly and stable. I couldn't see Crashes. After 10 In-game days (including some Deaths) that lasted about 10 Hours of real Game time, I seemingly did everything that can currently be done. My Survival on the Ocean is assured and I could now, of course, build a Tower in the Sky. I'm not Doing it though, I'm hoping for new Content anytime soon. At The moment, the Updates are made on the Weekly Basis, for example, every week. The Game launches on a Life Raft into the infinite Expanses of the Ocean. And we dive for Building material and build. Exactly what was expected. Comparisons to Raft and Subnautica are undeniable, but a clever Man once said that it is better to steal good Content or be inspired (stealing always sounds so like ... Well, after stowing just) to make as bad yourself. And that's how I see it. Luckily for us, the Sun laughs. Storms (and Weather at all) are not yet built in as it seems. Even the Sharks who first scare you into a Murder Scare turn out to be astonishingly human-friendly. According to the Developer, there will be more Animals u a tiger Sharks, which will then exhibit a different Behavior. But that is still in the Future and cannot be taken into account here. That brings me to the first Minus Point. There are no Enemies. The only Threats come from our own Bodies. Hunger, Thirst and the constant Urge to breathe. Sometimes I couldn't show up but stuck to the Ground until I drowned. This is a bit of a nuisance because then the survival counter bounces back to 1 Day and (worse) the Inventory is empty. Whether it's an Error in Game Mechanics or a deliberate Effect (such as underwater currents holding you) I don't know. (Edit: Fixed by now) Once you have oriented yourself and drinking water/food is secured, there is no longer much left to do in the current Version (10.10.2017). We can build a Dock and then a Raft and get rid of it. Unfortunately, there seem to be only two Cells on the Map that have Content at the moment. Everyone else I've visited and dived consists only of Deep sea. From an empty Deep sea ... From my Point of view, however, there is no more to complain about. I enjoyed the Game a Lot And for 10 to 15 Hours it is always good in the current Version. And that's more than I've spent with a lot of other Games. Since there are already Slots for Artifacts and Achievements in the inventory (still without Function), it is to be expected that there will be something like this at some point. In My Opinion, the Game has the Potential, perhaps not a Top Knover, but still an entertaining Game for a period of Time. And a Game where I sit for 50 or more Hours is certainly worth the comparatively low Price to me. So If You like Survival and the Sea or like to dive or want to get rid of your Shark Phobia, maybe hate fish or want to skewer them for another Reason, For whom Bermuda-Lost Survival is a good Choice. Just For starters don't EXPECT TO much Content, you might be disappointed. But From me a clear Buy recommendation for Friends of the Genre.
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