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BlackEye is an adventure game, and its main character is the inhabitant of the world of Koyte.
Koyte is a planet which diameter is 4.5 times more than the diameter of Earth, but its mass is less than that one of Earth. There is almost no atmosphere at the surface. At the same time the planet is pitted by caves that go many thousands kilometers down and keep all the life and air inside.
Koyte is really the planet of caves. Rumors say that about a thousand years ago the advanced civilization prospered on the planet. Ancient caves still store strange objects and mechanisms left by that civilization. Everything is different on the planet now. Something happened to those ancient forerunners. Now this mysterious world is divided into two - upper and lower ones. Some rational beings live in the upper world. Probably they are descendants of the ancient people as they feel quite cozy and good here. Life of the lower world is completely different. Ugly creatures, blood-thirsty predators, that know no mercy, live in the lower world. There is nothing more hated for them than the inhabitants of the upper world! No one inhabitant of the upper world would voluntarily go down to the lower world. However the main character has to reach the bottom!

On his way downward, BlackEye (as his tribesmen call the main character) learns how to battle against creatures of the lower world. He masters new types of weapons and protection.
BlackEye becomes more sturdy and stronger with each battle. He has a very important ability; he is able to store a huge number of useful things in the pockets. Using them separately or in various combinations he can work wonders. Who else except BlackEye can pick up a heart of the beehive of Stony bees destroyed by him and to use it in his purposes?

Help BlackEye! Go through the lower world together! Discover a huge world of caves, use artifacts of an ancient civilization, and solve its secrets. And at the end, with any luck, you’ll learn a history of this strange world — the planet of caves, the world of Koyte.

Current build contains:

- 33 levels

- 5 types of weapon mods

- 7 types of monsters

- secrets and puzzles

- XBOX gamepad support

- The original game-play: the character can shoot while doing somersault. And he can "stick" to the walls while sliding down.
Release date
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: intel x86 family, 2Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: opengl 2.0 supported graphics card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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BlackEye reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review is Not every fan of the gaming industry decides to pay attention to the indie-game on Steam. There are several reasons: first, a significant part of them does not carry anything fundamentally new, copying and repeating the same mechanics; Second, many games appear in Steam Early Access, remaining raw and being finalized for several years; Thirdly, gamers want to get a completely finished product, with a sophisticated gameplay, a unique visual style and other buns. In the situation with the game BlackEye we have that minimal set, able to interest only fans of indie. Launching the game in "Early access", immediately make an amendment to the absence of introductory scenes, developed interface and menu as such. We are instantly sent to a level that needs to go from top to bottom. The Visual style is a blend of Super Meat Boy in black and white, Limbo, Last Fish and other indie games. It is not Possible to say that BlackEye has a unique level design, cool animation, or other memorable features, but also rejection does not cause. There is no Smooth entrance here: You are immediately thrown into hardcore vertical jumps, forcing to maneuver between obstacles and swear after another collision. What is The BlackEye gameplay? Everything is simple: Fall down, click on the levers, pick up bonus items, try to avoid meeting with funny black gags. Indeed, the cast of Super Meat Boy, slowed down 10 times and not surprising building levels. Is the game Complicated? Yes, but in many ways because of the game designer Jambs. Sometimes we jump so sharply that we fly past the right lever, getting stuck in place. The Output remains one: completely restart the level. I'll cut this jamb to Early access. Opinion on the management of the mixed. The Author immediately hints at startup: Connect the controller and use only them. I confined myself to the arrows on the keyboard, which I was very sorry for in just a minute. On consoles The game will be perceived better, if it comes out. So, over time, the number of unique bonuses will increase significantly, expanding the possibilities of our little alien. The Whole question is whether you have enough patience to pass through numerous traps. There is no Motivation, the plot is also. On the way of the hero there are circular saws, from which you need to dodge, treacherous enemies to avoid, as well as strange objects, after taking the mare can be faced with a number of problems. But the developer has provided workarounds on several levels (including horizontal), simplifying the movement to the goal. Sound Gamma seems poor, limited to a dozen sounds on all the events and objects in the game. There is no Music yet, for sure will be added to the final release. Pleased the sound of the character falling down, differing depending on the altitude of the flight. Since it is impossible to break the to death here, this "ivy" sounds funny. The Scanty sound palette is compensated by good mixing of each element that in indie meets not often. Is it Worth picking up games in Early access? Certainly! Only the author is responsible by rolling out the raw product on the market. Imagine buying a brand new Porsche, which has not yet screwed the brakes, but it will definitely fix in the next update of the hardware filling... In BlackEye still curve game balance, sometimes the character does not die from collision with the enemy, and once I even managed to hang near the obstacle. Game items-a feature, useless in its essence, because the main goal-to get from the start of the level to its finish. The levels Themselves are not too much, but for a couple of hours of killing time is enough. There is even a mini-bosses. As a result, BlackEye is a game with its own zest, which is at a very early stage of development. It would look Wonderful on the touchscreen of a tablet running Windows 10, Android or iOS. Now the project is able to annoy and to get out of itself, but after some time can become quite complete and complex. The Current rating is 5 out of 10. You can see, or pass by-nothing to lose.
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