Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night reviews

Bloodstained delivers on its Kickstarter promises like no other game has before. Setting out to be the Castlevania game Konami refuses to make and knocking it out of the park.
«Can’t stop playing»
+ Classic Metroidvania Design
+ Variety in shard system
+ Provides strong sense of direction
+ Snappy controls

- 2.5D visuals sometimes feel cheap
- Perhaps a little too similar to it's inspiration
- Too many competing systems added unnecessary fluff
Graphics pretty bad, architecture is fine, but characters are really bad, especially in a cutscenes, looks very outdates. Gameplay feels outdated as well, like old castlevania, yes, but it became very boring after an hour. Controls are not tight and it feels like there is a big input lag(PS4 pro).
Much better than I expected, especially given the high-profile failure of its Kickstarted contemporary, Mighty No. 9.  Delivers on its promise to satisfy that old Symphony of the Night itch, and puts its budget on the screen in the form of some suprisingly strong 3D graphics. Falters in the storyline/cutscenes/voice acting department, but if we're being honest with ourselves, those were never the older Castlevanias strong points, either. You can't deny they put a lot of effort into it, at least.

Very strong return to form, and hopefully the start of a bonafide new series.

Thumbs Up

PlayStation 4 version
Played through main game on Normal difficulty, completed 100%, unlocked Platinum trophy