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Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess

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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Chamber of The Sci-Mutant Priestess casts you as Raven, a young "Tuner" (psionic mutant), working for the Tuner Netwerk. One day, while out on assignment with his friend Sci Fi, he witnesses the massacre of a "Normal" village, by a group of Protozorqs (physical mutants). Raven and Sci Fi disobey their instructions from the Netwerk, and fight back against the Protozorqs. In the ensuing struggle, Sci Fi is captured and taken back to the Protozorqs' mountain temple. Raven vows to save her, and so gets himself captured, too. As the game starts, Raven is a prisoner in the crazy Protozorq temple, where something sinister and utterly insane seems about to happen. Apparently, Raven has to go through five ordeals, to become a "Divo" (a Messenger Of The New Solution). For each ordeal he completes, he receives a Vort skull. Can you complete the five ordeals, save Sci Fi and destroy the fiendish Protozorq plot, in time? Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess (originally entitled Kult: The Temple of Flying Saucers) is a puzzle-solving adventure game. To solve the puzzles, Raven will sometimes need to collect and trade items; but more often, usage of the eight "psi-powers" is required. These powers range from a simple light spell ("Solar Eyes") to instant-kill ("EV" - extreme violence) and complex psychological effects ("Brainwarp"). The five ordeals can be completed in any order, or even skipped altogether to reach a different ending. A time limit is imposed on the ordeals, and is calculated by turns. A "wait" command, which skips a turn, is also available.
Release date
Dec 26, 2017
ERE Informatique
Classics Digital
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
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Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Unbelievable: I swear, when I saw this game on Steam via a bundle on Fanatical, I literally gasped. When I played for the first time this game was called with the original title (which is "Kult: The Temple of Flying Saucers"), left on my PC only and only in CGA (i.e. the graphics consisted only of 4 colors, in this case white, black , Pink and celestial-today may be strange but, I assure you, at the time was rather normal) and remember that the floppy of the game passed me my barber then. X-D At The time my knowledge of English was almost nil (I think if someone had told me "the cat is on the table" I could interpret it as an insult X-D), also because I was still in elementary school (maybe in the first grade), but a game like that doesn't I had never seen it and, by force of attempts and who knows how many deaths, I also managed to finish it-considering that it is very easy to get stuck in situations without way of exit, and that there is a single slot for the bailouts, was a remarkable result. I still strongly Remember the rooms of the evidence that, once exceeded, they gave you a skull: every Test passed was like a victory in the lottery! X-D Fab (though, in fact, they were perhaps the easiest part of the game). Over the last few years I have tried several times to look for it on GoG/Steam but, only now, thanks to Fanatical, I have "noticed" that was actually published on Steam in 2018. This game was the top among those who had my barber (or, at least, what I remember best): If they also recover some other title of his escort (among which the mythical strip poker in Ega, a vintage posh of pixellate breasts), are at peace with the world. X-D Memories aside, the game is, essentially, a graphical adventure (in which, however, you are not physically visible in the environment), in which your ultimate goal is to save your girl from a "strange" cult: of every place you have a sort of Overview and, by clicking on the various elements of the environment, you can move to other locations or you can perform certain actions, indicated by a kind of "wheel of Actions" (oh God, the correct definition would be "strange object like organic with Of the species of pearls, each of which is linked to an action, "but... It's fine also "action wheel" X-D). Compared to other games of the genre, however, has some peculiarities: first, the Psychic powers. You will Have in fact at your disposal some special powers, like night vision, reading of the thought and other beautiful things of the kind, which will be indispensable in your company, but... There is a big "but" to consider: they are NOT infinite. You will have in fact at your disposal a reserve of energy, exhausted... Bye bye powers. Frankly, I have no idea if it is possible to restore them, but, for sure, as governed by the laws of good dear old Murphy, you will happen like me when I made the first playthrough here on Steam, or to exhaust them in the last scene of the game, and to have to then Start all over again... Other particularity, time. Already at the beginning, to pass the tests, you will have an hour (in-game) of time to recover the five skulls, but also other parts of the game are timed, and you must then act with relative celerity. Third thing, very important, this game is not like the graphic adventures of Lucas Art, or like most modern games, where you can NOT err or die: As I mentioned during my nostalgic introduction, here you have to think well Before you do things-you can die in a thousand different ways, throw away indispensable objects to continuation (or forget them in unreachable places), find yourself hopelessly stuck in situations without way of exit or exhaust your psychic ability Making it impossible to finish the adventure. And you'll only have one rescue slot, so it's important to consider even when and if it's the case to save the game. Frustrating? Definitely, but also very fulfilling. This is a unique game in the genre, short-lived but also very free in the execution (many situations can be overcome in more ways-I only tell you that the same Trials can be skipped...), a small pearl of the past. Highly recommended, although it is not a game for everyone.
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