Clive vs Hives Reinfected

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Clive vs Hives Reinfected includes fun fast paced run and gun combat through an action packed campaign with 32 levels spread across 5 different chapters.

Once you've finished the campaign, get the best high score you can in Horde Mode. Horde Mode lets you play alone or with a friend (local co-op) against increasingly difficult waves of enemies in three pre-made arenas (or your own custom ones).

Clive vs Hives Reinfected also includes a powerful level editor which was used to make the levels featured in the official campaign. You can also make custom levels for Horde Mode and play them with a friend.

You are Clive Cooper, a super soldier in the year 3013 designed for the express purpose of outer space combat. You work for M.A.R-5 (Mars Analysis and Reconnaissance 5), a giant mother-ship that is a division of a much larger organisation.

A message was received by M.A.R-5 describing an attack on a Mars military outpost by an unknown alien race. Response teams were sent on their way to recover survivors as soon as the message was received.

Your mission is this: Infiltrate the outpost, recover any survivors and wipe out the alien threat. You're on your own, be careful out there.


Ugly Duckling Games
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Last Modified: Jul 31, 2020

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