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Colony On Mars

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Welcome to Mars!
2288, humanity has advanced so far that it began to conquer other planets. Already conquered and built up: Nibiru, Keklandia, Neptune, and now people have reached and Mars. In 2289 a small group of cosmonauts from 3 countries( Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) was sent to the Red Planet. They landed, studied the planet a little and began to build up and live there.
You play as the commander of a group of cosmonauts on Mars and you need to build a colony, upgrade it, collect resources and survive on this planet, so that the Earthmen can later move to Mars.
-Ability to be an astronaut
-Ability to build and manage a settlement
-Ability to visit Mars
-Strategy with pixel art graphics
-3 game modes: Campaign (levels), free play and God mode (from the beginning of the game you will have a lot of resources)
-Different types of buildings and resources
-Good soundtrack
-Steam achievements
Release date
Nikita "Ghost_RUS"
Ghost_RUS Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP\Vista\7\8\10
  • Processor: 1.2 Ghz+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 9
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: minimum 1280x720 screen resolution
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Colony On Mars reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Completed the ENTIRE campaign, ALL accomplishments gained spatial Mini-farm and resource management. Despite its retro appeal (probably the reason you read my review now), the project does not just take off and stays in a red desert of bugs and badly terminated aspects that do not digs any fun. Nothing to see in the vast Martian field, except ten achievements that in half an hour are a weightless ride for any casual. Graphics and Technology > > > OK + 1 points Mars is pixelated: The graphic Art of the game is so poor that it reaches the level of looking like a second generation videogame. Just an 8-bit palette, static shapes, and pixel-made numbers that offer an even uncomfortable environment to play with. However, it is done on purpose, it is noted in the "no" finishing of outlines or non-symmetrical shapes of some elements. In Addition, full screen mode does not work well on some monitors and the window mode is not better, forcing you to keep the game in a single size to play correctly. It saves You occupying ONLY 6 MB on disk, optimizing resources. History and Levels > > > POOR + 0.5 points There is No history, it is a game of construction and strategy of AoE-style resources but in a retro and sci-fi environment. It Has three game modes: The campaign mode has five pre-school difficulty levels but progressive among itself which entertains about 25 minutes. Then It has a free play mode, which has no more interest and a "God" mode in which you start with almost unlimited resources and offers even less interest. Music and Sounds > > > POOR + 0.5 points The game has two 8bit songs in loop that surprisingly do not tire despite its short duration. However the game condemns the sound effects to the absolute silence of space, they did not put a sad "beep" or sound effect when building buildings or moving robots. Control and Gameplay > > > OK + 1 points The game only requires the use of the mouse and the ENTER key, without needing any other type of control or this miss. But It is quite broken: the visual bugs abound (robots that walk above menus, menus that do not appear, overlapping buildings)... The worst thing is that it has a glitch according to which levels and buildings "are saved" even if they are not built, so you start a level and resources increase as if there were mines built yesterday... Terrible, some missions are passed alone "thanks" to this glitch, I can not penalize more because the bugs do not prevent play but.. It's broken. Steam Integration > > > OK + 1.1 Colony on Mars has 10 achievements that can be achieved without problems in about 30 minutes, but are consistent and correct to the overall context of the game and its lousy level. It has No chromes or markers, but it tries to make up for it at a very low price on special Steam offerings (less than a dollar). For that price, half an hour of entertainment. Some will convince them. FINAL CONCLUSION > > > 4.1 unfinished and broken, but with potential is Colony on Mars worth even less than $1? NO, that's why I suspend with a 4 in my analysis. But it's not a zero. The game has potential, its graphical environment (or absence of it) looking for a retro nostalgia that along with its Cutrez somehow manages to feel that could be much more. Now, the Mars Colony is run out of air because of its accumulation of bugs and glitches, its unfinished and left-over appearance and the total lack of difficulty. Hopefully the developer, as it forces us to see his name to unlock an achievement, commits to finish the game and correct the flaws he has. Don't buy.
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