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Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations WOTY

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Surface fleets, submarine squadrons, air wings, land-based batteries and even satellite constellations are yours to direct as you see fit – from the lowliest pirate skiff to the mightiest aircraft carrier, from propeller biplanes to supersonic stealth fighters, and from WW2-era iron bombs, torpedoes & mines and the trusty "Mk1 Eyeball" to ultra-modern radars with imaging capability, multi-spectral recon satellites, "brilliant" self-guided stand-off weapons, 200-knot supercavitating torpedoes and hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missiles. Every sensor and weapon system is modeled in meticulous detail. You are given the hardware; but you have to use it well.
Throw your distorted flat maps away – Command uses a realistic 3D earth globe for each of its scenarios. Rotate and zoom in and out of the action, from satellite view down to the trenches and wavetops. Play scenarios or build your own on any place on earth – from classics like the Middle East, South Atlantic, North Cape and Europe to new and rising hotspots like the Arctic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Use a powerful yet intuitive point-and-click mouse interface for controlling your forces and go advanced with a wide collection of hotkeys for quickly jumping around the action and issuing complex orders in the heat of the battle.
Sensors and weapons work just like in real life, with all their strengths and weaknesses. Units move, detect, fight and win or die based on what their systems can and cannot do. Electronic warfare and technological levels can tilt the balance of battle. The weather can be your best ally and your worst enemy. The terrain, both overland and undersea, can hide you from the enemy but also can block your weapons from firing. Your aircraft can choose different mission profiles and loadouts, each with its advantages and limitations, and can dash high (speed, range) or scream low (protection). Thermal layers, convergence zones, surface ducting, the deep sound channel and factors such as water temperature and terrain slope may decide the sub vs ship duel. Thick clouds or rain can render your fancy laser-guided bombs useless. Stealth may help you avoid detection, or a jamming barrage may tip the scales when you are out of options. Command’s battle environment is as unforgiving as the real thing – and as rewarding for those who understand and use it.
Your war machines are (almost always) not robots; they are crewed by humans. People trained with varied proficiency (from novice to ace), operating under custom doctrine and rules of engagement (when to do what, how to decide, how to react etc.), most of the time making the rational decision, and sometimes making a brilliant call or a mistake. These people often matter far more than the hardware. The very same surface-to-air missile battery that is a worthless toy when staffed by Iraqi or Libyan crews turns to a deadly weapon even against ultra-modern aircraft under the expert hand of Egyptian, Serbian or Russian operators. The deadliest combat units are only as sharp as their crews.
Korea. Colonial wars. Vietnam. Middle East. Cuba. Falklands. Iran-Iraq. World War 3. Desert Storm. India & Pakistan. The Arctic circle. Past and future conflicts in the Pacific, Norwegian Sea, Russian periphery and more. Experience conflict from post-WW2 all the way to 2020+ and beyond. Test your mettle against lethal land-based missile batteries, air regiments, naval fleets or pirate groups. Face off against threats of the past, present and future. How do you measure up against the challenges of modern warfare?
Realistic modern combat with all its technicalities scaring you away? Your staff & tactical AI sweat the details so you don’t have to. Airbase crews shuffle aircraft around on land facilities to prepare them for the next mission. Aircraft position themselves to deliver their payloads optimally, and refuel on their own if they have to; Ships and subs maneuver on their own to reach out and touch the enemy (including winding their way around islands, landmasses and even known mines) – and everyone tries very hard to save his skin when bullets are flying. Manage the big decisions and let your virtual crews get to the details – and still intervene whenever you want.
Think you can build a better conflict? Prove it! Command’s integrated scenario editor offers unparalleled functionality for making your own scenarios or editing existing ones. Create and share with other players detailed, exact-down-to-the-meter land installations from all over the world – from airbases to port complexes to ICBM fields. Customize unit icons, sound effects, even platform weapons and sensors (Aegis on the USS Iowa – click and done). Create multiple sides with variable, complex alliances and postures and different proficiency ratings. Assign forces to detailed missions with custom behaviors and inheritable doctrines. Script complex interactive events with the advanced event editor. Assign variable success thresholds – from triumph to utter defeat. From a gunboat duel all the way to global thermonuclear warfare – the possibilities are endless.
Command MANO includes 42 scenarios (3 tutorials) and hundreds of community scenarios availableFEATURESPowerful, detailed 3D-globe (Google Earth-style) with multiple map layers
Intuitive, point-and-click user interface for beginners backed up by a vast array of hotkeys for power users
Aircraft, surface ships, submarines, land units, strategic & space forces and all their real-life sensors, weapons and other systems are at your disposal
Extensive, detailed simulation databases modeling faithfully the capabilities & limitations of each unit
More then 40 included scenarios covering multiple historic and hypothetical conflicts.
Integrated scenario editor - make and share your own battles or modify existing scenarios
Integrated database viewer - browse through the stats for every platform, sensor and weapon in the game
Tremendous flexibility of scale: From counter-piracy skirmishes to strategic nuclear war
Detailed modeling of air (including near-space) and naval operations, both surface and underwater, supported by high-quality physics, sensor/EW, terrain and weather, weapon and damage models
Focused modeling of land-based forces relevant to air/naval/space operations
Mine and mine-countermeasure operations
Nuclear operations and other special-weapon categories
Recorder & replay ability

Release date
Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: 1 GHz (Dual-core Pentium and above recommended)
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video/Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 16 MB RAM
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes: Requires Windows Media Player
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Last Modified: Jun 25, 2021

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Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations WOTY reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Complex but realistic Battle Simulation for Enthusiasts designed to Simulate air and Naval Operations. + Most Realistic Simulation on the open Market + Many Missions/Scenarios available (see Community Pack) + Build Own Missions (with and without LUA Script) + Worldwide (Map, Countries, units, cities, Bases) + Timekeeping (1950-2025 +) + Giant Database Various Countries with Units and Weapons of the last ~ 70 Years + For Data tank and Game there are in 2018 updates that lift it out of Beta (Has only lasted 5 Years) + Despite titles also floor units available And in Principle simulable-price-Quality and scope of the Miss Items quite mixed-Custom overlays possible but limited-Resolution of the World Map low (SRTM30Plus)-Graphics for Purists but functional-Community is no longer as active as it was a few Years ago, some Websites no longer use as Death-Forum rules of Matrix games too strict and Forum Technology too old is not fun-even on fast Computer slow (time compression doesn't really run)-steep Learning Curve (but worth it-just pull in a few YouTube videos and experiment yourself)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations CMANO is actually not a Game in the traditional Sense but a Military Simulation. On the one Hand, the Game is incredibly complex and detailed, on the other hand, most of it can be achieved with a few Commands. Once you have internalized the most important Key Assignments, giving the Commands is quite easy. The real Challenge is which Units need to be used and how to achieve the Goals. Simply going off on the Opponents rarely leads to Success. In some Situations this can naturally become frustrating, and a Player who always only has the quick and complete Victory such should look for another Game. Interface The Game looks terrible at first glance but once you get used to the Simbole it becomes clear that it is not possible to keep track otherwise. It can be downloaded to the responsible Images and Descriptions, as these can significantly improve the Feel of the Game. If you zoom too close to the Map, the Map quickly becomes very "squishy" (the Entwikcler should still be working on ewas). In most Situations, this makes no Difference, but if it interferes too much, it is easy for each Scenario to create your own Overlays and thus Incorporate Satellite shots into the Game. Database The really great thing about this Program is the massive Database. The Database includes almost every Ship, Aircraft, submarine and Weapon of the cold War and the Present and is constantly being expanded. For someone who is interested in such Things, the Database alone is more than worth the Purchase Price. Verdict The Game is not for everyone but for the Target Audience of Tom Clancy Novels readers There is nothing better. Unlike the dreadful Naval War: Artic Circle by Paradox, this Game is constantly being developed and improved by the Developers. In addition, there is a very active Community that develops ever new Scenarios and answers every Question very helpfully. If the Price is a deterrent I recommend to be on a Sale or To get started a Look at Northern Inferno. Then, however, the great Editor must be dispensed with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpHmWi6PBy0&index=12&list=PLdHVbTt4AjYfMaKgSbUKnHKexHuGfmEcc
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