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Crystal Story II

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Crystal Story II is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. He must seek allies to aid him on his journey and save the world from the oncoming invasion.Sword of the Fallen Dragon update:
  • New chapter (Chapter 6): A new threat has risen. Join the party once again as they investigate the strange mysteries that are happening on the Northern Orc Village.
  • New Side Quests: A pesky thief has been stealing items from the neighboring towns. The party is hired to catch the thief and return the items that were stolen.
  • Card Battle: Collect cards and challenge foes to a Card Duel in an all new minigame.
  • Battle Arena: Monsters line up to challenge your party in battle. Defeat them to earn prizes.
  • Pet Gifts: Your pet now goes on its own adventure while you are away and will occasionally give you its spare items.
Key Features:
  • A turn based battle system where you control up to four heroes.
  • A story that spans a huge game world. Meet tons of NPCs and fight along side them.
  • Randomized dungeon layout lets you explore dungeons differently every time.
  • Side quests lets you explore and unlock optional dungeons around the game world.
  • Upgradable equipment lets you improve weapons and armor. Alchemy lets you combine items into new one.
  • Flexible level up system where you can mix and match classes to make your own unique class.
  • Fishing minigame lets you catch fish that can boost character performance.
  • Zombie defense minigame provides a challenging quest where you have to match three of a kind in order to defeat bosses and enemies.
  • Mercenary Defense minigame lets you hire mercenaries to defend against the oncoming horde.
  • Snowboard Extreme minigame lets you race downhill avoiding trees and yetis. Beat the time to win an item.
  • A Hackpick minigame is present on certain rare treasure chests. You have to solve the puzzle before you can open the chest.
  • In game pet which you can dress up and summon during battle.
  • Optional quests and bosses appear once the game is over, so you can continue playing after beating the game.
  • Includes Crystal Story.
Release date
Emmanuel Salva Cruz
Emmanuel Salva Cruz
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, or 8
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OSX v10.7 and above
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Snowboard Extreme!
Get a Gold time on Track 3 of Snowboard Extreme!
Dragon's Rage
Use "Dragon's Rage" in battle.
Magic Bullet
Use "Magic Bullet" in battle.
Thief Crystal
Complete the Thief tree.
Wanted X
Complete all Wanted X Quests
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Crystal Story II reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Crystal Story II is a classic RPG in a more minimalist Graphic Style. Gameplay The Gameplay of Crystall Story II does not break new Ground. Fighting is Done in a Round-based Side-combat System with ATB (Active Time Battle) Bar. So no Static Lap Combat System with a fixed Train Order. Uncommon, however, it is already known that there are no LevelUPs. After each Fight, you get skill Points that you invest in one of the 6 different (fairly straight-built) Class trees that leave the Choice here and there between two upgrade options, but which make a Difference in Bulk rather than for themselves. Another customization option of up to four Heroes is to Equip different Equipment. Each Hero has a Variety of Weapons at their disposal that increase different Attributes or bring other Bonuses such as Habitat Robbery. Unfortunately, it's only more likely to be late in the Game that you really get the Opportunity to really make up your mind, as these Weapons either need to be crafted or found. Cue Crafting. The Crafting System in the Game is simple in terms of Structure but rather cumbersome In terms of implementation, as you tend to get many ingredients necessary for certain Items late or have to farm, which is more likely to be necessary in terms of the difficulty of The fights in the Game. Unmotivating is, One Way to buy some later there may be, but only the general ones that you really need in large Numbers. All in all, the System only becomes really significant At a comparative time in the Game. The Difficulty Of the Fights Is extremely low up to the Lategame. Many Opponents and even Bosses sometimes do not even come to the Train before they are defeated. Only the Last Bosses of the story, most of the [X] versions of the optional bosses and the optional bosses specifically designed for the End game can really be regarded As Bosses, some are even strongly enough to influence the Group without proper Equipment in one Fell swoop. Defeat. Here, massive Grinding and Outburking Of all Class trees is required with each Character as well as the Upgrading of all Equipment parts to the Maximum. However, these are just the Optional Bosses. The Action is quite easy to play through. A big Shortcoming is the Dungeons, which just seem monotonous and empty. Graphics, Soundtrack I have no Idea what some Reviewers have against the Graphics. The Graphics are minimalist and Cartoonish, but this fits the Game quite well, as it takes a lot of serious care in the total. The Soundtrack has succeeded well. Summary Pro: Nice Graphics, matching the Mood in the Game Good Soundtrack Towards The end demanding Bosses Minigames Kontra: Toned, partly Too long Dungeons The Crafting System could have been better implemented conclusion: Everything in All Things, Crystal Story II does not invent the Wheel New, but despite some Faults For beauty, it is a solid (if largely too light) RPG for in between. If you are looking for a deep, serious Story with Complex Characters, you will be disappointed here. But If you just want to play something or want to gain first Experience in the JRPG Genre, you can access here quietly.
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