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Control your squad of engineers and maintain your ship, and it's crew, until it reaches it's destination. Careful planning and timing will be required to place the right resource in the right place to tackle the dangers of deep space. The environment is brutal and unforgiving and sudden bloody death comes quickly to the slow and unwary! Only your team stand between your sturdy ship and it's faithful crew and certain death. Take command!

  • Relentless ActionThe air is venting out of your craft, the lower decks are completely ablaze, and asteroids are pounding the hull to smithereens. It's nothing you can't handle! Grab your tools and get started!

  • Full Campaign ModeTake control of your engineering corporation, earn funding by taking on jobs across the galaxy and use the funds to take over the competition!

  • Tactics and ManagementPrioritize your tasks! Do you rescue the injured crew member? Or stop the fire on the next deck? Equip your engineers with the right tools for the job!

  • Planning and TimingYour tools will run out of charge, and the ship has many paths to your objectives, where will you go first?

  • In space no one can hear you..The crew have reported strange noises coming from the air vents. Not to worry. I'm sure it's nothing.

Hi every one! I'm Ross Edgar, the lead designer and developer of Damage Control. I've very proud of what we have created so far and I'm very excited to share it with you today.

Damage Control is currently in an alpha state. To explain what we mean by that - it's playable (very), but it has some bugs, and not all the features are implemented. When all the features we want are in we will call it beta, and commence bug squashing. So.. whats currently in?

  • Basic Menu screens and Options
  • Basic Campaign Mode
  • Basic Freeplay Mode
  • 7 Basic Levels
  • 5 Basic Damage Types and the tools to fix them : Hull, o2, Radiation, Fire and Crew
  • Basic Music and Sound Effects
  • Basic Particles and Lighting effects
  • Basic Save/Load system

.. when you write it like that it sounds un-impressive! But trust me, when you see it all running together it's a glorious, bombastic, hectic and violent chaos management game with lots of room to expand!

Our immediate short-term goal is to get to just before beta stage, then get Greenlit (see?), then do an Early Access release. Why? We really want to get feedback on the current feature set and catch anything we missed before we freeze the feature set and commence beta development.

Will we charge for the Early Access game? Yes we will. We need to keep the lights on and cover development costs like art and marketing, but it will be at a heavy discount from the full price as a thank you to everyone who buys the game. We are investigating adding users who contribute suggestions, bug reports and ideas to the game as NPC's or even playable characters. Watch this space!

So what do we plan to add to the game before Early Access?

  • More levels. The levels will be split into "stages", you can only unlock a stage after completing the current stages levels to a particular standard. More on this later.
  • More damage types. Collapsing superstructures, Gas Leaks, Loss of gravity, Electrical Damage are just some ideas we are throwing around right now.
  • Campaign Cards. Cards, earned during the tactical phase, that you play during the strategy phases to confer bonuses and buffs.
  • Level Hazards. We think that large, industrial spaceships would have lots of moving parts. We want to add crushing pistons and slicing lasers to the environment.
  • Device Management I want you to manage your ship, not just stick it back together. We want you to insert fuel rods into the engines, activate shields and dump radioactive waste overboard!
  • Alien. An alien monster is onboard! It will hunt throughout the ship and can only be scared off by the flamethrower. Think of it like the ghosts in pacman, except the ghost is a bloodthirsty monster. And the maze is on fire.
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • European Language Support
  • Full graphical options
  • Full tutorial

Phew. It's a large shopping list, but we think every one of these ideas adds more value to the current game and we cannot wait to see it in game and see players having fun (and complaining) about all of it!

If you have any comments or questions I'd be pleased to respond to you directly, or via the comments page. Thank you for reading.

Ross Edgar.
Highland Gaming.
Release date
Ross Edgar
Ross Edgar
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Processor: 2ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512mb
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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DAMAGE CONTROL reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review Overlooked by version 0.1 b! When you first start DAMAGE CONTROL, you don't know what to do. Around something explodes, some people are randomly carried on the deck of the spacecraft, at the bottom appear the first pockets of fire... At First, it may seem that we have the wrong level, but no, it is written Very Easy. In fact, it turns out that it is not Easy, and certainly not Very. That'S what the lack of a tutorial means. After a few hours of play, I managed to understand all the current nuances and go through almost all the available levels at this stage of development. So that you do not encounter such problems, I will try to share a few tips. A Couple of tips: 1) The First thing to do is to start the engine. Do Not pay attention to what happens on the deck, take the tank with fuel, insert it into the petrol tank and turn on the engine. This procedure is to be repeated from two times and more depending on the level of complexity. Do not miss when the fuel is over, otherwise you will solve other problems without end. 2) Used tanks with fuel MUST be processed, otherwise perish from radiation. 3) If You see that the fuel tank is broken, immediately fix it with the help of a welding machine. If you do not have time to do it, will have to fight the consequences-fire. 4) Watch out for leakage. Not only that crew members die, approaching the open airlock, the ship decreases the amount of oxygen. 5) The Holes from the meteor rain last. The Main thing is not to let the ship's state fall to the critical point. 6) Fly to the end of the stage can be with one member of the crew, so the treatment of the team is the last thing, if there are more priority tasks. 7) In The breaks do not forget to recharge/fill the units (fire extinguishers, welding machines, etc.). 8) If Several engineers are given, one always keep near the engine. 9) It is necessary to remember one more nuance, your firm can buy competitors. Therefore money after missions should be sent in the right direction, having bought a pair of shares. The Main thing in DAMAGE CONTROL correctly prioritize, and then the victory will be yours. I Advise you to start from the level of Intro with one engineer and without crew. In addition, the developer promises to add a whole bunch of different features-a change of gravity, gas leakage, the ability to purchase parts of the ship, COMPLETE TUTORIAL and even attack aliens! Of the positive aspects can be singled out the original idea, the dynamics and unpredictability of what is happening. Of the negative-the lack of sane tutorial, inflated complexity and monotonous soundtrack. Result: Original project, which at this stage of development is rather a set of interesting ideas with mediocre implementation. Perhaps the developers had to go to Steam Early Access a few weeks later. Nevertheless, I recommend to buy DAMAGE CONTROL now, until the price is very high. The Developer promises to increase the value of his product, as soon as the game will add "weight", and judging by Roadmap we expect a lot of interesting! P.S. the Review is written by one of the authors of Special Games Club. Other reviews Of Our group can be found here.
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