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Data Hacker: Reboot

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Time, Space and Parallel universes collapse and merge, tethered to threads of reality and sustained by a paradoxical power source.
Nothing is impossible - it is time to become a Data Hacker.

The stage is set for a struggle that spans many Worlds and their people; a struggle that is bigger than any man, woman or child. Who knows what trials you will face, what adversity you will defy in your quest for the true meaning of existence?

Data Hacker: Reboot is a Japanese-styled role-playing game that will make you question the very definition and value of life, reality, love and loss. We will laugh. We will cry. We will be gratified.

Are you ready to take up this quest, and become a Data Hacker?

Core Features:
  • Beautifully crafted environments - explore a variety of unique World Fractures on your travels, from Fantasy and Sci-fi to Nightmarish and Surreal!

  • Awesome Combat Scenes - Action-packed, classic turn-based battle system complete with voice acting! "Argh! Huh! Take this!"

  • Totally Epic Sounds - An incredible soundtrack composed by Scott Holmes adds an ocean of depth to environments, battles and cutscenes

  • Hacking, hacking hacking! - Break down restrictions. Smash through barriers. Manipulate monsters and achieve your goals. Each character has unique hack-style abilities!

  • Class-Hybrid System - A dynamic class-hybrid system allows you to create your dream team, with over 58 classes to mix-and-match. Train each character as you see fit, retaining all learned skills!

  • Engaging Storytelling - Take control of Thanier as he searches for his recently lost twin sister, recruiting a rag-tag bunch of characters to aid him in his quest.

  • Rich Backstories - An intricate tapestry of backstories, motivations and goals create the backbone for each character design in the game.

  • Unseen forces - Many powers, both dark and light, exist out there in the Shattered Worlds. Can there be peace, or at least a balance in this survival-focused reality?

  • This is not the End - The Multiverse is abundant with practically limitless possibilities - download all DLC packs for free as they become available!

    What do the press think of the game? Let's see...

    First, there was an Initiation~
    Followed by a spread of Corruption#
Release date
New Reality Games
New Reality Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or above
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.Ghz or above
  • Graphics: Minimum 960x540 Desktop Resolution
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Stereo Sound
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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"The Long Way Round"
You defeated the Cava Paragon that was causing distress to the Organis 'Beast'
"Why Does it Smell so Bad?"
You successfully infiltrated the O'Solan Temple
"Where are my Steam Tools?"
You completed the Steam Tool questline and obtained the 'Mind's Eye' item
"The Time Shift"
You completed the 'Utania' World Fracture
"Spirit Settler"
You defeated, and laid to rest, the six ghouls from 'The Remembered'
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Data Hacker: Reboot reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I am sorry to do this but i can not recommend this game. First the music is great, the Artwork too. Setting is also very good and there was a lot of potential!!! Also the creators are very active and try to make the game better. So if you read this, no offense, I just try to show you where you still need to do better. 1. Directing the player Most of the time I did not know where to go. Always get in mind, you programmed it and you know what to do. The player does not have that knowledge!!! Also sometimes it is just strange what the player has to do next. "Yeah my sister is gone and maybe in big danger... perfect time to do sidequests and meet new people!!!" If the player decides to do sidequests in this moment ok fine. If the main story goes on with sidequest: WTF?!?! Which brother would do that? The first goal in this situation must be to find her. (You don't have to be succesfull with that but at least let him try!!!) It feels like, you don't understand your own characters... (Some problem with getting members back into the party and finding shops. How do I know where to do that and how to find. But that is a shorter problem) 2. Balancing Monsters are in some stages way to strong!!! I mean yeah we all love darksouls and stuff but dark souls is a game you need skill for, if there is an enemy that does an AOE attack against my party, then also stuns at least 2 of 3 members + makes like 1/4 of my lifepoints damage. It is no lack of skill if I die, it is just that I did not really have a chance or did not grinde enough. (For the record, I grinded like 2 hours before that) You can't just let the game start and force the player to grind like 2-3 hours at the start. That is like the least fun I could think of! And the game is supposed to make fun right? 3. Classsystem Ok here it gets interessting, your characters level up their Corelevel, which goes very slow but gives them more stats and you also level up your classlevel which you can choose to customize your character. Nice Idea but badly done!!! The Corelevel ups already push characters in certain ways and it is very hard to go against it because you waste the characters potential which they got from their corelevel ups. Again it all works nice, if you just do it like the programmer thought it should be done. (You even right in your guide which character should go which way...) Why so many options if there is a way determinated already? Just one example, one of the characters has the skill pickpocket from the start and also gets a lot of agility with his corelevels ... well sounds like a perfect mage to me... nooo wait a moment. Look at games like Final Fantasy 5 to see how Classsystem worked very good. Or give us more neutral stats with the corelevels or even let us decide ourselfes which stats we push with the core levels!!! That would be nice customization!!! 4. Card Game To make this short, great idea again. But badly done again. Make it simpler, to make it more fun. All I have to say is this game has a lot of potential and a hugh lot of work did already flow into it!!! Big respect from me! But it is to much in one Game and some ideas are just not good implemented. This game should still be early access. And again no offense, I am critic to make the game better not to bring you guys down!!!
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