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Don't know about art but you know what you like? Whether you are a master of the brush or a finger painting fool, just say no way to gray and join with de Blob and his pals as they launch a color revolution. A mischievous and unlikely hero, only de Blob can flip, bounce and smash his way past the all-powerful I.N.K.T. Corporation to ignite a revolution and save Chroma City from a future without color.
Battle against massive tank battalions, speedy I.N.K.T. racers and elite Inky soldiers on your quest to free the citizens of Chroma City. Avoid hot plates, electric shocks and inky turrets to create your own path to the impenetrable I.N.K.T. Fortress. Just remember that the struggle to reclaim Chroma City is to be fought on your terms. Remix the city in your own image using custom paints, patterns and soundtracks. Super-size your blob to attack larger and stronger enemies. Join the Color Revolutionaries to refine your skills while making a mess. The race to rescue Chroma City has just begun, and only de Blob can save the world from a black-and-white future.
de Blob is a 3D platformer where players maneuver their hero, de Blob. Equal parts amorphous blob of paint, struggling artist, revolutionary and juvenile delinquent, de Blob's goal is to replace the drab, lifeless gray coloring that the I.N.K.T. Corporation has imposed on Chroma City and its inhabitants, the Raydians, with a range of vibrant life-giving colors, all the while avoiding and battling the gray-clad forces of the Inkies.
Players must acquire paint and hurl de Blob at the buildings, walls, statues, roads and skies above Chroma City. As de Blob bounces around, adding color wherever he lands, his supply of paint is depleted and he begins to dry out. As this happens players must collect more paint and rehydrate in pools and in front of hydrants scattered across the city. As the game starts access is limited to the colors red, blue and yellow, but these can be blended to create a number of other colors. Being able to create and apply these colors becomes important as Chroma City and its inhabitants come to life, and de Blob makes contact with a range of other characters known as the 'Color Revolutionaries' and receives an increasing amount of missions that charge him with splattering color all over town. Success at these mission gains the player point which drives the game forward, eventually leading to a direct assault on Comrade Black's I.N.K.T. fortress guarded by elite Inky soldiers and massive ink turrets.Key Featuresde Blob: Flip, bounce and smash your way past the all-powerful I.N.K.T. Corporation to launch a revolution and save Chroma City from a future without color
Long Live Color! Join the Color Revolutionaries in the resistance against Comrade Black and his diabolical array of hot plates, electric shocks, and ink turrets
Free The Citizens: Free your friends from a black and white world by painting the city back to life as you dodge ink cannons, flatten I.N.K.T. tanks and outsmart Inky soldiers
Multiplayer: Compete to control Chroma City in 4-player split screen in eight different multiplayer modes
Save your City: Paint Chroma City's towering skyscrapers, expansive bridges and massive landmarks in your own style using custom colors, patterns and soundtracks Plenty of Play Modesde Blob features both a deep story-driven singleplayer mode where players get to dig into the Raydian's struggle against all-powerful I.N.K.T. Corporation, as well as a diverse range of multiplayer options. These multiplayer campaigns support up to four players, come with street and sewer maps and include four player split-screen functionality.
Just a few of the multiplayer campaigns include:
Paint Match - Paint as many buildings as possible and steal points from opponents by re-painting the buildings that they've already covered.
Blob on the Run - A variation of 'Capture the Flag,' in this mode only one blob can paint and is pursued by opponents who attempt to slam him into submission and gain the ability to paint and accumulate points themselves.
Blob Race - In this mode buildings can only be painted once and are indicated by in-game arrow. With time limited it's a race not only to paint the town but also to keep opponents from doing the same.Steam Edition Features:Improved texture and lightmap resolution
Upscaled videos
Added FXAA Anti Aliasing
Added Resolution and graphic quality option
Keyboard & mouse and Gamepad (360/ps4) support and UI adaptation, also added remap feature
Unofficial Wiimote support

Release date
THQ Nordic
Blue Tongue Entertainment
THQ Nordic, THQ, Nordic Games
Age rating
0+ Everyone
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  • OS: Windows 7 (32 or 64bit), Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.50 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 310 with 1 GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
  • OS: Windows 7 (32 or 64bit), Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU 3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 650 with 2 GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible card

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de Blob reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
of BLOB is a game of 3D platforms in the line of games of the genre on Nintendo 64, GameCube, PS1 and PS2: its gameplay does not really rely on the address or on the accuracy (and it is happy because the maneuverability and the physics are far from perfect) , with an emphasis on the pleasure of freely exploring a vast interactive and sympathetic universe. The story of the game begins after the radians, small snowmen living peacefully in a cheerful and multicolored world, have been invaded by enkr, an army of sinister alien Starfish led by Comrade black. ENKR quickly enslaves the radians (now Grisians) and aspires to all the colors of their environment, making it completely black and white, then the Grisians are exploited in atroces factories to produce black ink. Fortunately, the BLOB (US), round and bounding hero able to absorb and then redistribute the colors, comes to put a bit of disorder in it all... In practice, each of the ten levels of the game consists of a succession of large arenas separated by portals that unlock after obtaining a certain score. To earn points, it is necessary to color the environment (we mark all the more points that one colors several elements without touching the ground), fight the agents ENKR, release the radians, and accomplish missions entrusted by rebel radians: arty asks us to color elements accurately, zip sends us on a reconnaissance mission along marked routes, BIF makes us confront certain specific enemies, and Prof instructs us to release buildings of particular importance by pumping enough color. The theme of colors is well used since it is necessary to mix these in order to obtain certain shades: one finds in the décor only the three primary colors (yellow, red and blue) which then allow to create green, violet, Orange and Brown. An important detail adds a lot of charm to the game: the music is interactive, whenever one colors an element, we hear a musical chord whose instrument depends on the color used, when one colors a row of buildings, so it is a whole joyful melody that is played at the rhythm of our actions. In BLOB, the platformer and the fights are quite simple, the heart of the challenge resting on our sense of direction: knowing to mentally represent the current section, remembering which areas were stained and which areas are still white, the location of unfulfilled missions, where the portal is located to the next section, etc. The game does not offer a map, but a radar helps us to find us, and despite the sleek and stylized style of the game, the different environments have a very marked and recognizable identity that allows to orient quite easily. I discovered BLOB on Wii when it was released in 2008 and I had a lot of fun, so it is with pleasure that I played again in HD thanks to this version steam. The port is correct, the aesthetics of the game benefits greatly from the high definition. There are some bugs (very, very rarely, the game hangs in full part and it must be relaunching, and the effects of reflections on the small characters are bugged, giving the impression that they are packaged in plastic), but nothing serious, and there is also else gaps or clumps: the rendering distance has not been improved compared to the Wii version while it would have benefited greatly from the game, the actions that required to shake the Wiimote repeatedly are now performed by drumming a button but they are much slower to compare, etc. again, these are just details. I therefore obviously recommend BLOB since it is always as refreshing and friendly. Small Tip: think about using the "brake", the button that drops to the ground vertically, it improves the platforming very much, and do not be hard if the quest of the 100% annoys you-BLOB gives the best of itself when looking to get the gold medal l e as quickly as possible in a level, this challenge being both very free, stimulating and fun, and ensuring the replay of the game.
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