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Dead Mountaineer's Hotel

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The remote hotel stands atop an ominous snow-peaked mountain, and death permeates every inch of the place.

A crime has been committed here obviously, and the remote nature of the retreat means that the culprit is still roaming the halls.

Which of the guests is capable of this? Whose past hides sinister truths and who has the most to gain? Secrets will not reveal themselves and skeletons will not stay buried.

Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel will test all your detection skills as well as your ideas of right and wrong. The beautifully detailed, pre-rendered backgrounds provide the perfect backdrop to this twist of the traditional detective story.

Do you have what it takes to unravel the threads behind this mysterious case, and where will your side be should your own feelings conflict with the law?

Key features:
  • Engaging storyline, with a non-linear plot that lets you make your choices.
  • Over 120 gorgeous, pre-rendered locations.
  • More than 15 3D character models featuring real-time shadows, each with their own original stories and unique personalities.
  • AI simulation for all inhabitants of the gameworld to track their movements at all the times.
  • Proprietary engine specifically developed for adventure games.
  • 15+ hours of intriguing gameplay.
Release date
Electronic Paradise
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Pentium IV 2.7 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 2.3 GB
  • Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 9-certified 3D video card (GeForce 6600 or higher)
  • DirectX®: 9.0
  • Sound: DirectX 9-certified sound card
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Last Modified: Mar 17, 2023

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Dead Mountaineer's Hotel reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The first thing I noticed was the bad Option menu, unfortunately there is no Resolution here. If you want to change them, you have to do this via a .ini File In the Directory, which is weird, because it scales easily to 1920x1080. After that, a lot of the unusual Mouse sensitivity on me. The Mouse Pointer moves slowly and also has an Acceleration of the mouse active, which makes the whole Mouse handling any other difficult. The Objects that can be interacted with are not highlighted and you really have to press an Object. For most Things, that wasn't a Problem, with a special Puzzle I had to Consult a Solution and although on a Screenshot the Object was accurately marked, it took me 2 Minutes to find the Point I could interact with. The Game has several Endings, most of which differ only by a Follow-up. The first End I had made no Sense at all, so I chose the other Answer again and lo and behold, there is again additional Information, which puts almost all Ends into Context. One of the Ends I watched on Youtube. This was in English and I have to say I'm really glad to have played it in German, because the Synchronization is here around Worlds better. This brings me to the following Conclusion: Since there are enough better Games in this Genre, I would not recommend the Game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Dead Mountaineer's Hotel" also known as "The Secret of the Mountain Hotel," wants to be a "Mysterie Point & Click Adventure." It is supposed to score through the romantic, secluded snowy mountains, but mainly through the titular "Hotel to the Accident (Dead) Mountaineer" (< = Who gives his Hotel such a Name?) and its long-winded And winding Interiors, and the Player Banning him. Furthermore, the Story is to be driven by interesting Characters and tricky Puzzles. If I read those Lines, I would strike immediately. BUT HALT!!! Stop! YES the Area is romantic, snowy and secluded, YES the Hotel is certainly high up in the Mountains ... but.. The Summit is the Hotel itself, the Puzzles as well as the characters, the latter apparently have already given up all Hopes for better Times, which they clearly express, among other Things, through their unmotivated Dialogues. They've come to terms with it. You apparently really took it to the Top when you designed the Hotel, sprawling, winding, cluttered, inflicted with slurred, dark monotonous And dreary Textures. Which brings me to the Puzzles. And here it hits the Word "Seclusion," that is, "let down" or "helpless and alone," to the Point. Plan and aimless I hastened with my Character through endless, Deserted Corridors, Polish Staircases up and down again, poking my Head bloodied at thousands of closed Doors, entering and leaving different Rooms without knowing why, let me into Intervening Conversations that are absolutely liberated, leave no Room for Action, and certainly do not benefit the Story. I achieve all this only if I can leave the hotel room after an hour (!), and only by a random Click on a slurred texture, it manages to leave the Hotel room. (By then, my Mouse already had a cold Print on its Back to withstand) The Music, no, I don't rate it as it's probably still the best thing about the Game. Sorry, but I can only give a Thumbs down for that. I really tried, yes I wanted to find the common Thread and follow ... Vain... Lonely, abandoned ... Without Hope ever to leave this Hotel again, I close this Game ... Leave the Computer thoughtfully ... Too many open Questions ...
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