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Hard to Be a God

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Hard to be a God is a role playing game with adventure and espionage elements.
The main hero is a graduate of a medieval secret service high school where he took the course of combat and diplomatic training. He’s strong, sly and intelligent, he is the most powerful person living in Arkanar, but his well-known world still brings surprises to him.
The highly developed Earth race governs the series of unexpected events in Arkanar. The main hero starts his new mission in co-operation with Earth forces. The agent gains access to incredibly advanced technologies. In his native underdeveloped world, he almost becomes a God.
How will it end?

• Attractive non-liner storyline.
• Story by Russian Sci-Fi writers brothers Strugatsky.
• Interface of medival and alternative future epochs in the game universe.
• Original character development system.
• Interactive game world.
• Real-time combat system with active pause includes many different combos and special attacks (stunning, disarming, etc.).
• Varied managing approach to mercenaries and volunteers of the hero’s party.
• Sci-fi technologies instead of a traditional magic system.
• Free movement through locations and random encounters using global map.
• Environments created in different style and landscape types affecting the movement speed.
Release date
Burut CT
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Miсrosoft Windows XP
  • Processor: Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 6600
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard, mouse
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Processor: Pentium 4
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 7600
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard, mouse
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Last Modified: Sep 7, 2019

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        Hard to Be a God reviews and comments

        Translated by
        Microsoft from Spain
        Hard to be a God review This review I do after I finish the game, which lasted 26.6 hours. This video game is an adaptation of the novel of the Brothers Strugatsky, and I honestly have not read the novel but the story in if it is bestial, is what most hooks the game and I say it first because it is the strong point of the game, then dire what I think Good and bad of the game, and the note that I give in each section: The Gameplay 7: · Positive Points of the gameplay: Although It is quite simple fun enough, the moments that surround you 10 enemies are quite epic because you use skills in area that destroy enough, and also when you face someone alone that is very strong, and That the fight is simple you have to know how to block and strike at the right time, and above all recommend putting it in the maximum difficulty. Another good thing is the trade, the gold serves a lot in the game I advise up full diplomacy to get more gold to sell something that thou must do constantly, and if you see a gun that sell better do not hesitate to buy it especially in the final stages of the game. The Horse is very good, is a part of the game important that we should use it because it is essential, while we are mounted the blows will hold and that is noticeable, in addition to being passively cured only to be still, which we do not and need Food or potions, the money is basically to buy the horse that are expensive, very expensive. · Negative Points of the gameplay: In if it is not very good, it is quite simple and ends up being repetitive when you are finishing the game for several reasons:-One is the combat that is reduced in two things, or melee weapons or arcs/crossbows , if you go for the guns up close you have to choose between 3 branches, light weapons (one-handed or double), stockings (canes, which are of many types) or large (two-handed weapons or one-hand weapon together Shield), each branch has 4 abilities and this is pretty bad since p or example I am two-handed weapons and even if you climb the corresponding branch only have two skills for two-handed weapons, the same for each type and the truth is lacking in this section, plus to reach the maximum of the branch (level 10 and I finish with Level 22) causes it to continue rising level is useless. -Another thing is that the horse has a slow animation to want to climb, get off, and when we stop in dry also, but if you like the game you get used. -Useless Objects and herbs everywhere, the game if you had a crafting system to make potions or weapons would have won and a lot. -A world half open, the truth is well as this but there are people who jeugos with many points of loading overwhelms them, well this game has many because you spend the game going from one place to another and there are as 22 scenarios that the truth is The best parts of the game. -Bugs, Bugs everywhere, there are several bugs in the game, the one that most happens is the layer that bounces on the screen that is quite funny, then when you go up or down high positions that sometimes you play bad experiences but nothing serious , and then on a secondary mission that they send you to find something that does not exist (good that is secondary xD), so I recommend that you go keeping the game as you progress. History and Environment 10: The Game hooked by this section, I would tell you why but you spoilearía, at first nothing is explained and does not help to hook you, it takes a while to really start the game, because the conversations, the characters , the 22 scenarios you walk, the environment in each of them, in my opinion for the graphics and resources used by the game is very well achieved. Sound 8:-The Soundtrack is short, has few songs but do its function and well, but at times it becomes repetitive. -The sounds in general are fine, although the sounds of the wolves and the spiders just got them up to the * * * * * * *. -The Voices of the actors although they are in English are very good. Graphics 6: They are nothing of the other world, also you have to keep in mind that it is viejete, but in my opinion they are well. Anyway it is one of the things that I have less in mind and in this game is the least. Final Note: 7.75 In Summary: I recommend the game if you like role-playing games and action RPG, but I recommend for less than what is worth in case, Pilladlo for a 75% discount, and I tell you that is worthy 100%. I Hope you've served my guide:)
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