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[Introduce DOA Series]
The Dead or Alive franchise is a AAA fighting game series produced by Koei Tecmo Games' Team NINJA. Composed of fast-paced 3D fighting games that began with the original Dead or Alive in 1996, Dead or Alive 6 will be the sixth entry in the series. This game features fighting entertainment with multi-tiered stages that are now both dynamic and critical parts of the competitive experience.
The story will follow that of Dead or Alive 5, shedding light on 2 main narratives; namely, the battle between “Ninja and DOATEC” versus “M.I.S.T. lead by Donovan”, and the tournament “Dead or Alive 6”. New episodes will also be added for returning characters.
[The New Visuals]
The visuals of DOA6 express dramatic lighting that goes beyond the genre of “fighting games” and focus on serious, intense combat. It also features improved skin and sweat textures, introducing wounds, as well as flexible, varied facial animations.
[Triangle System]
Fights in Dead or Alive 6 are based on a Traditional triangle system: strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes. When you land an attack of one type that beats another type, like landing a strike when an opponent tries to throw, that attack becomes a Hi Counter attack and does even more damage.
[Break Actions - New Combat Mechanics]
With this title, we are introducing a new Special Move Gauge (Break Gauge) to the DEAD OR ALIVE series, making the fights more strategic than ever before. Because the actions can be performed by simply pressing the [RB] button, even beginners can enjoy the new system.
[Break Blow] A strong, high-damage special move that knocks the opponent away. The first part of the move also parries attacks, working as both an offensive and defensive move!
[Break Hold] A convenient counter technique that can also be used while the player is heavily stunned. It should only be used in tight situations due to its light-damage output.
[Fatal Rush] Players can achieve unique combos by consecutively pressing the [RB] button. Beginners can even play by using this move exclusively, though its disadvantages will prove to be a calculated risk for more experienced players.[New Danger Zones]
[Rumble Danger] If knocked into onlookers, they will push the player back into the center of the stage. It is a trap that combines the atmosphere of a real street fight with strategy.
[Mass-Destruction] If the opponent is knocked into a large stack of nearby boxes with a “Break Blow” or ”Fatal Rush”, they will plow through them all in one hit! This causes a huge burst of damage and provides an exhilarating rush.

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DOA 5 Hitomi Fishnet Mod Credit to -- cpfreitas & huchi001 .
Jan 25, 2020
Crossover is a great way to bring interest or new fans to your game. I think that DOA6 messed up even though DOA5 did a fantastic job by including Virtua Fighter and Ninja Gaiden characters plus Mai from KOF. DOA6 however only has 3 new characters and their DLCs are the same old characters from DOA5
Jan 25, 2020
Honoka 💗
Jan 25, 2020
Honoka POV (Art by Sakimichan)
Jan 25, 2020
My first Pic
Jan 25, 2020
Honoka by SakimiChan
Jan 25, 2020
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DEAD OR ALIVE 6 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A DoA with good and very bad sides. The good things to first:-Hübsche Graphics-Good Soundscape-Genius and Beginner Friendly fight System That it was already with the good things. Which strikes me as bad:-The Grind to turn free Costumes and Features, that's almost sardistic. -It has to meet various Quests from Frustration already a Controller bitten into the Grass. -This Game points me to that I am a really bad Loser, so who has a Problem with it a quest again and again to Repeat because the AI picks you because you are desperately trying to fulfill the pretenses, Finger way. The Game could be a lot better if the Unlocking of the Features were the same as Dividing into the Previous one, so I really advise everyone not to purchase, I don't rate the Online Mode since I haven't tested it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I write as an old Fan of the DOA Franchise. I'm not going to say much, because it didn't take me long to be sure with the Opinion. The DLC Policy is unfortunately the last ... Over €60 you're supposed to pay for the full Game, but if you want to then allow yourself a Season Pass, apart from the individual Purchases, you have to flick over a fabulous €90, more expensive than the Main Game!? Wtf ... And then only for a few Months of Content that absolutely does not live up to its Price. Unfortunately, Gameplay Finally falls completely into the Shadows ... But now to the Gameplay: It's typical AS usual DOA. There are some Characters that are new, or I didn't know in DOA 5. Plays well. What is a Pity, however, is that Tag's team (2vs2, or Replacement Fight) has been cancelled. In Addition, the Online Mode is very modest. Currently there are only Ranked and you can NOT do any specific Duels with Friends, which I think is a great pity. So no Lobby or anything like that ... Whether what will change in the Future? But as far as pricing Policy is concerned, I strongly doubt ... Sounds half-ga-art ...
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Unfortunately, I can't recommend the Game. First the Good Graphics looks on 4k Already not bad From Cool Fighter Liquid Gameplay sound is on a Home theater system bomb What I don't like and I would like to use the Return option The unspeakable DLC POLITICS DLC ok but somewhere must be good costumes Fre Isgaming is a real Agony I thought I was buying a Beating Game and no RNG MMO Game Evils Annoying Bugs Xbox controller is often not detected and the Game takes the Keyboard instead of the Controller. If then in the Game due to a short Break the Pad runs out if you take a break for a short Time, it doesn't go until you restart the Game, where here the next problem occurs because Steam Thinks it would still run you can't start it anymore and no other Game "Closing Steam is also of no use because Steam will not even start from the PC until the Reboot of the PC. Means every time I play the Game I can reboot the PC because Steam spins. But Only this game is the Case. But The main Thing is To Offer a Season Pass that costs more than the whole Game.
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