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In the future world, androids do almost everything that people do - they even start to think and feel. Although no one taught them this.

The plot of "Become Human" is built around three characters, each with a separate storyline, but they eventually merge into a single picture.

Connor is a police investigator and android. He has a simple task - to find androids, deviated from the path given by humans. He has a special vision, it allows him to see events as they happened. And the more information he collects, the higher his chances of acting correctly.

Kara is an android-housekeeper which spontaneously develops self-consciousness. As a result, Kara assumes responsibility for the fate of the little girl whom she worked as a sitter for. She, along with the girl, escapes from the house as a result of a conflict with her father, the owner of Kara.

Markus is a caretaker android. He also acquired self-consciousness and came to the idea that androids need freedom. He has the ability to grant androids free will and to calculate the consequences of some actions.

The story develops depending on the decisions taken by the characters. Some decisions have to be made quickly. Sometimes a player can return to the moment of making a choice and replay the situation.

Release date
Quantic Dream
Sony Computer Entertainment
Age rating
17+ Mature
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Epic Games
PlayStation Store

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      PROTOTYPE screenshot
        "Kara" by Quantic Dream
        Mar 8, 2012
        Detroit: Become Human - E3 2016 Trailer | PS4
        Jun 14, 2016
        Detroit: Become Human - PGW 2017 Gameplay Trailer | PS4
        Oct 30, 2017
        Detroit: Become Human - PS4 Trailer | E3 2017
        Jun 13, 2017
        Kara - Heavy Rain's Dev Trailer
        Mar 8, 2012
        Detroit: Become Human - Teaser | Exclusive to PS4
        Oct 27, 2015
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        Is this a typo or is actually a year wait for PC players (Almost a 2 year wait since release date?)
        Nov 16, 2019
        My friend is currently completing her first play through
        Nov 16, 2019
        Nov 16, 2019
        Does anyone know how to get these two? (Besides Kamski, under Amanda) I'm looking to complete the gallery and have every other characters but them.
        Nov 17, 2019
        I’m devastated
        Nov 16, 2019
        Just finished my first play through, so many things to say!!
        Nov 17, 2019
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        Watch'MOVIE.Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Full Online [2018] HINDI-ENGLISH 720P 850MB
        first ever playthrough :D
        DETROIT: BECOME POTATO - 7 Year Streamiversary
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        Detroit: Become Human reviews and comments

        A very immersive experience with quite heavy themes. 4/5, would definitely replay.
        I can't stop Playing this game
        «Can’t stop playing»
        «Constantly dying and enjoy it»
        Detroit is a game I have wanted to play since it's release. I absolutely love Quantic Dream and their previous outputs, especially 2010s Heavy Rain. When it was announced it was becoming free with ps+ I was very excited to finally get to play this. All of my expectations were matched and exceeded by a long stretch.

        First of all the game looks gorgeous. The detail in the character models, facial expressions and environments are above and beyond almost all games I've seen this gen. People will argue they're only this good because of the lack of real action, which whilst probably true, you have to appreciate the work done on their engine to build this. 

        The gameplay is classic QD, very limited amounts of gameplay with an emphasis on exploration, decision making and QTEs. Some of the scenes with action where you have to perform QTEs can be insanely intense as you know at any minute any character can die for good. Detroit absolutely nails the decision trees and the knock on effects of your actions. Even early on some of the things you do can affect extremely late game outcomes. This makes the game feel very in depth and also adds a great replay value. The narrative itself is amazing and the world built around androids and discrimination is detailed and very thoughtful.

        Overall, this is easily in my top 3 PS exclusives and one of my favourite games this generation. The story is powerful, the game looks great and the amount of different paths offers something that many games fail to deliver. 100% worth playing at least once.
        «Blew my mind»
        «Just one more turn»
        This game's story got me at the first moment. I think it's kind of modern for some topics and it's a very good thing. The cast is very well made and all the possibilities take the game to a next level of quality. The way you enter the minds of the characters make this game one of my favorites.
        «Blew my mind»
        «Can’t stop playing»

        + Incredible range of story based on player choices (flowsheet sells this)
        + Each character/story has its own feel; no weak link; incredible performances
        + Oftentimes approaches photorealism

        - Needs more gameplay, QTE isn't enough
        - Some awkward animations pop up occasionally
        - Trite overall story, feels done before
        - Didn't feel compelled to jump back in
        My number 2 in best PS4 games played in 2018 behind GOW. Great acting and graphics with a thrilling storyline you won't want to put down. All of the decisions you make are subtle but have a major impact on gameplay and storyline. Quite replayable too with multiple endings!
        «Can’t stop playing»
        It's a tired story that doesn't really do anything groundbreaking, but I thought some of the characters were great. Easily the best decision based game I've played, I felt so much responsibility for those involved in the story. Glad that my decisions mattered in the short and long term, plus I never completely knew what the repercussions would be. Can't wait to get back into it, try and get the platinum.
        A benchmark on graphics and design that suffers under some cagian writing sometimes. 
        While I wasn't a huge fan of David Cage's previous works i have to admit, I was absolutely blown away by Detroit. A fantastic storyline with incredibly rich and likable characters and actual consequences to your decisions. Considering how differently a lot of scenarios can play out due to your decisions the overall replayability of the game is pretty huge. Also from technical standpoint the game is simply put a masterpiece - everything from graphics alone to facial animations, sound, music is just simply exceptional. It's not a flawless game by any means, there are some cliques here and there, but with such an ambitious project i'm willing to give it a pass. Quantic Dream managed to pull off a game where your consequences actually matter unlike a lot of games out there, which alone is pretty remarkable. This is a one of a kind experience that i'd recommend to pretty much everybody.
        «Blew my mind»
        «Can’t stop playing»
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