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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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The fourth Mass Effect stands apart from the original trilogy. No Shepard, no Normandy, and no characters from the previous games, although the "high-tech" visual style and the space opera setting are recognizable. Andromeda is set even further in the future, hundreds of years after Mass Effect 3. The protagonist (who is customizable) is a Pathfinder, a member of an expedition to the Andromeda galaxy. She or he bears the surname Ryder and has a twin - whatever gender you choose, it will be the opposite. Ryders traveled billions of miles from our Milky Way galaxy on the space ark Nexus. The ship is carrying thousands of passengers in suspended animation, and the Pathfinders’goal is to find them a habitable planet to call home.
Andromeda is heavy on the plot, there are many dialogues and cutscenes that may make you feel like watching a movie. The dialogue options usually define how your character is perceived by the others rather than actual plot forks. The action is played like a third-person shooter, allowing you to aim and take cover. Enemy AI reactions will vary, forcing you to employ flexible tactics. Weapons and gear can be improved through an intricate crafting system that requires you to research an upgrade before it can be assembled.

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Release date
Mar 21, 2017
Electronic Arts
Age rating
17+ Mature
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Mar 27, 2017
5 years + $40M = Mass Effect Andromeda
Mar 26, 2017
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Mar 17, 2017
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Mar 10, 2017
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Feb 17, 2017
Mass Effect
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Apr 3, 2017
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Space Rat reporting for duty
Oct 4, 2018
Continuing with my DnD/ME characters.. *elated* presenting my elcor bard for your 3D printing and tabletop gaming enjoyment
Oct 3, 2018
Any elcor fans out there? Also, have an elcor princess sketch.
Oct 3, 2018
Picked up this sweet jacket on ebay today. Its like N7 parka I have but its more of a rain coat. Seem to be officially licensed bioware product too.
Oct 3, 2018
Garrus by shallete
Oct 3, 2018
Finally beat ME:A only to see this...
Oct 3, 2018
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Mass Effect Andromeda : Explorez la galaxie avec Deriv
Playthrough - part 2 - Mass Effect: Andromeda
mass effect andromeda oyeeee
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To start with the pros, the game looks gorgeous, specially the lighting; Combat and crafting has more depth than previous games and is quite fun; The companions are fleshed out well enough with party banter; On some occasions you'll be greeted with awe inducing scenes. Most bugs are fixed by now and facial animations are not as shit anymore, speaks volumes when I list that as a positive.  With those out of the way, the game falls short in everything, even in the pros I mentioned. The story and lore is painfully unimaginative and takes way too much inspiration from the older games. The antagonist is a cartoony villain who fails to make any impression, ME 2 did it better. Quest design while not bad, failed to impress me. Most boil down to fighting recycled enemy or scanning items. Some do have interesting sub plots but that made searching for them more disappointing when most end up bland and repetitive. Romance quests range from meh to okay.  Crafting has too many steps with a very unintuitive menu. I would argue cover shooters doesn't work well in open world games.  Despite landscapes looking gorgeous, you'll mostly be travelling in various types of bland desserts. Apart from a few locations nothing feels "alien". Facial animations while not comically bad, is still not good.  For a game about adventure across an uncharted world and taking risks, the developers played it too safe and made a disappointing entry in an once excellent franchise. Play it if you only care about combat and eye candy texture/ lighting.   
«Disappointment of the year»
Great game, medium Mass Effect. The game was patched, stupid bugs were fixed, and I had great time. It's not as good as the original trilogy, but let's be honest, the studio told us at the very beginning that they were making something a bit different. And different it is.  Once this is understood and accepted, ME:A turns out to be a great game.
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»
Вместо толковой режиссуры и увлекательного сюжета — тонны гринда и почтовых квестов. Сойдёт любителям подобного и тем, кто уже устал перепроходить оригинальную трилогию.
Пройдемся по верхам. За что нужно похвалить разрабов: — Скотт Райдер, когда он не строит серьезные щи; — сопартийцы и взаимодействие с ними (ок, их личные квесты - лучшая часть игры); — "Буря" и "Кочевник"; — боевка, которая не раздражает, но и не побуждает к изучению десятков билдов. Если у тебя есть биотический щит, меч азари и турель, то ты непобедимый бог, так зачем прокачивать что-то еще? — дизайн локаций (особенно Меридиана); — концовка... спорно, но она точно лучше начала; — юмор в паре мест. За что нужно убить разрабов: — музыка; — затянутость сюжета в первой половине игры; — кошмарные баги; — музыка; — гринд, который достал даже меня, а я обычно очень устойчива к гринду; — планета Хаварл, посланная нам за грехи; — музыка; — слабые невзрачные антагонисты и слабый финальный босс; — сюжетные нестыковки, нарушения лора; — музыка, черт побери. После божественных саундтреков трилогии вы выдали нам это? Серьезно? К "Драконам и Всадникам Олуха" мы музыку писать умеем, а к играм - нет (до встречи в "Человеке-Пауке" от Insomniac Games).  Это не самая плохая игра в моей жизни, но для франшизы это явно игра-бастард, почему-то признанная законнорожденной.  Но все-таки обидно, что DLC про кварианцев так и не увидело свет. Его отмена стала последней каплей.
«Disappointment of the year»
«I could make it better»
«Game over at last!»
Как же долго и уныло 
«Ugly as my life»
«I could make it better»
Нууууу...это вообще какой-то позор.
Empiezas a jugarlo y piensas "Bueno no esta tan mal" hasta que llevas unas cuantas horillas y te das cuenta de que nada, absolutamente nada de lo que hagas, va a influenciar la historia. Los tiros son divertidos cuando no es el enesimo enemigo igual.
«Game over at last!»