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The final love story on a dying planet.
In the near future, an ominous red star suddenly appears in the sky. Its presence is about to bring about the extinction of all life on Earth. The unified government proposes an evacuation project to take all of mankind into space, but in order to make the seemingly impossible project a reality, 'felixes' are brought into the world. Engineered to be highly intelligent with perpetual youth and longevity, the genetically modified superhuman felixes stand as humanity's only hope for survival.
Sion, the most gifted of the felixes, has been kept in a research facility built on a solitary island for the past hundred years. Her sole purpose, saving all of humanity. Ryou Haruna, a soldier from the Earth's unified government is sent to watch over Sion, who desperately seeks freedom from the military that's imprisoning her. Earth's last love story is about to begin.

A tale of the planet's final love story told using the full force of minori's critically acclaimed illustrative style, engaging musical compositions, and the highly talented staff that has led fans coming back for more every single time!
Eden tosses aside the traditional sprite and talking heads conventions used by many visual novels and instead employs a far more cinematic approach consisting of almost all event illustrations. Told using a widescreen resolution of 1024 x 640, eden promises a play-experience more akin to enjoying a movie than reading a book. We hope that this new approach to the visual novel medium provides a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Core 2
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 1024x640
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 5 GB available space
Mouse, keyboard
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Last Modified: Jan 28, 2021

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eden* reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Life, death, love, the end. For those who had lost their souls, approaching death allowed them to live. And so they were two on Earth. Let's go back to our sheep, it's time for judgment of this Visual novel! Graphics: 9/10, the drawings are really beautiful and invite to the dream, but not the "masterpiece". Screenplay: 7/10, the scenario is interesting, but lacks some twists and surprises. In addition, evolution can sometimes seem a little slow. Characters: 7/10, the characters are endeant, but it takes time to experience this attachment. And once the latter has been tested, we want more details that will unfortunately not arrive in sufficient numbers. Music: 9/10, the music is just excellent. There are, however, some moments of musical white. This is probably for the purpose of giving an effect, but a better effect could have been given with adequate sounds. A good point though is the relatively large number of dubbed sentences. Overall rating: 8/10, this Visual novel is akin to a computer ballad. We do not embody the characters, we observe them rather evolve in this world violently calm. To advise amateurs a minimum aggueris of Visual novels that will be able to appreciate his poetry at its fair value.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
A very good VN and, moreover, relatively short compared to the tenors of the genre. As for the characters, while some are clearly lacking in depth, others are really interesting and endeant. The follow-up of these during the scenario is very good, none of them is completely forgotten over the course of the events. The scenario is interesting, well written and well-crafted, although far from being revolutionary, but with a problem of rhythm. The first part of the VN offers a very correct and well-run plot, but the second part abandons any intrigue to leave room for the slice of life that I found a bit Longuet while I am usually a customer of the genre. Despite this, Eden * shines with its graphic quality. Indeed there is a hallucinating number of CGs compared to the duration of the title, the latter having for the most part a large number of facial expressions and being visually successful. The sprites of the different characters are generally very beautiful and varied. It adds many Visual effects reinforcing the whole: glow around the characters, managing the blur... as well as the staging sometimes managed in a cinematic way, which is rather rare in a VN (or at least the ones I have lù so far). At the level of the sound atmosphere and the music, it is correct. Sound design works very well while the music is mostly fordable, although they fulfill their role very well and give a particular tone to the scenes. Nevertheless, Eden * has marked me with its atmosphere, which feels like a whole, through the fusion of its music, its voice acting, and especially its artistic direction, which exude a dreamlike impression throughout the two parts of the game. -In conclusion, Eden * is, despite a rather uneven rhythm, a very good VN, possessing an interesting universe, a correct scenario, of endeant characters, being sublimed by a realization and a really excellent technique that fully justifies, in my opinion , to be interested in the title. Expect to shed some tears if you are of the emotional kind, but to bore you past the first half if you can't stand the slice of life. > This will be 8/10 for me. (still considering this game as a Visual novel, and on a scale accepting 10/10.)
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