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An Old School Fantasy FPS

You find yourself on a small floating island. A grumpy old man introduces you to your new gained powers.
During the game you learn new spells by defeating increasingly difficult monsters.
The ultimate goal is to defeat the dragon to be able to return to reality.

The Survival Mode throws 20 increasingly difficult waves of monsters at you.
Fight for a highscore in the online leaderboard by surviving as long as possible!Key Features
  • 5 versatile spells as weapons
  • 10+ enemy types in two unique environments
  • Fully dynamic lighting and weather
  • No time wasted! Short, polished experience
Release date
Mysteria Studio
Mysteria Studio
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows® 7/Vista (32-64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD Athlon II X4 645 or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 4700 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 –compliant sound card
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Sweet dreams
Complete part 5 of the story.
Wave 5 defeated!!
Survive the fifth wave of enemies.
Wave 10 defeated!!!
Survive the tenth wave of enemies.
Wave 1 defeated!
Survive the first wave of enemies.
Death awaits
Complete part 4 of the story.
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Exteria reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game loops in a little fifteen minutes at least for the story mode. It is armed with your magic wand that you will have to confront enemies on 3 different maps, assisted by the voice off of a guide that will teach you the spells to collect and their uses. Survival mode is a bit more retor, you will have to survive several waves of enemies while collecting the necessary spells to recharge your magic wand (I found this aspect binding and boring). Once the story mode is complete you will be able to say that this game no longer has any interest if it is you survival mode to try to get the last remaining success. This game will soon forget because not a lot of challenge, it is not of any beauty and seems dated graphically. At the gameplay level you can not run and very often the monsters move faster than you so touch you quickly and it is practically assured death... because you will be able to use your magic wand to heal yourself, this one is less fast than the blows that you are being beaten. For the nice little story I got the last hit on a bug, I'm totally out of the map, and waiting for success to fall off all by itself, history of passing the time before I faint of boredom, I made a little parody video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJTWG__gd3k
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I seldom had such a craving for diarrhea: you can not imagine how much this FPS is amateur and laughable in any point. We start on an island occupied by a man with a hat that tells us to get out of there if we get rid of the monsters that occupy the area. And there, the problems of constipation suddenly disappear, since the developer has already shown us his "talents" by doubling the dialogue between the two men, luxuriously subtitled in times new Roman, police 15. Then the acquisition of a magic wand with the particularity of throwing a fireball after 1.8 seconds left click pressed, probably too damaged during repeated sadomasochistic reports. The fights are then as epic as a skirted between two drunks on the approach of the ethyl coma: the monster brings back hard its face in noisy sound files that the public domain leads would not want, while one prepares several seconds in advance to anticipate the emission of the pyrotechnic projectile class 0. When the creature arrives a few meters, the sphincters are relaxed by a hysterical and manic discomfort: the animations are so terrible that the creature moves towards you by making a kind of lateral Moonwalk as if it were possessed by Satan, if Although it is almost impossible to predict its movements. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1089659993 and the resolution of the fighting, o my God... I regret to teach you that exteria is a FPS where it is not possible to kite: the creature sticks to you like a leech on the skin of a hemophiliac and if you do not have enough PV and ammunition (reloading from very cheap altars , count 4 fireballs per refill when you need at least 6 to kill an ORC), you end up dying and reappearing without ammunition. If you flee, even the spell of care will not do anything since the creature pulls you 20 PV per shot while the spell does not give you as much as every 3 seconds). So we restart without ammunition and we go back to farm the altars for a good minute before resuming and ending the fight. 40 minutes later, we arrive at the end of the story mode after having been sodomized by 3 trolls, 1 SM demon, 6 ghoules, 5 goblins and 3 rats-pigs stinking like textures that probably occupy the space of a lot of floppy disk half filled with images scatophiles. Bwaah, flee this plague, even if you hope to endure the time required to obtain the 100%. Did you like this evaluation? Find others by joining our editorial group: purging.
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