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Fariwalk: The Prelude

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Fariwalk: The Prelude is a short prologue to The Fariwalk game. You will dive into the gloomy, withering world, where monsters and rare humans keep on living nonetheless. They still find small things that make them happy in the darkness of everyday life. The player's goal in the Prelude is to escape the mysterious, but the life isn't just about reaching one goal, right?Main features:
  • Several side stories;
  • Lively world. Lively despite everything that happened;
  • Mysterious and disturbing atmosphere;
  • Explore the yard at your own pace;
  • Quests are quite diverse;
  • You're being watched;
  • Puzzles with the system of hints;
  • You can choose different options in dialogs (but will it matter in the end?);
  • Original assets and soundtrack.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 512 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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He was happy to spend time with you.
A gift?
For the punishment.
Upbeat melody
Yet Melond is still dissatisfied.
The game is completed
Though it's not the end...
Weird dance
Who said that bottles don't dance?
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Fariwalk: The Prelude reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Funny game that Fariwalk. You play as a young girl, in first person view, and you land in a windy field covered in fog. By exploring the surroundings, you will soon encounter strange creatures, some fierce, some more Bavarian, and others particularly disturbing; but nothing horrifically. The graphics are very simple, not to say poor, but are largely compensated by the artistic direction of the game, and perhaps even serve its aura of mystery, which hangs on this Moor filled with ruins of human constructions. You will have to explore the two areas (which are not very large, fortunately because you can not run), accomplish some easy quests, at the end of which you will find the end of the game. Note that I was dealing with a bug that was crashing the game between two loads of zones, with impossibility to continue the adventure. I had to reinstall it, but others did not have this problem. On any other game, this kind of annoyance would lead to a legitimate grumbling, but Fariwalk pushes to clemency, as it is pleasant to spend this short time in this dreamlike world, where one wonders what happened and where all these characters come from. There is indeed a draft of history, but as the title indicates, it is only a prelude, and it is not said that the sequel is the day.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Dense forest really had entails fame. Sometimes There were wandering lights, sometimes people in green clothes who were walking without touching the ground. So It was possible to live in it a beautiful witch who lures into their nets of young hunters. -Just A very good, atmospheric horror. No scrimers. -Various strange creatures. Various. -There is no Plot here. We Invent the story ourselves. There are just side quests and basic. The main Passage in 40 minutes, by 100%, with wandering in search of artifacts for an hour and a half. -After Passing 4 blows the bonus chapter opens. HOW do I WANT a SEPARATE GAME ON THIS BONUS CHAPTER, Not for 5 minutes, and an hour for 3-4. Very cool and interesting. -The Game is creepy. Like you've been walking for 40 minutes, and still there are new monsters, mystical characters. -It was strange when you turn around, and you see how you are being watched, and sharply hide. I've never seen anything like This before. This is a game of several chapters. -I am ready to pay For this game. But It is better to immediately the pass, and not to buy separately. This game I liked more than an outworker. Well, the chapters are more authentic. Well, one and a half hours at least. Well, 40 minutes. -But It was really interesting for me to know how it would end. What is this world, who are all these creatures. If It's going to be told, it's cool. There are few Such projects. -Who knows... Maybe such a forest exists... Just hitting it, no one comes back... They watch... I Think I saw... Ghost...?
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