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Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

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Sequel to the critically acclaimed, squad-based/real-time tactical combat game, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers delivers the most authentic and realistic infantry combat experience ever. As Squad Leader, coordinate the actions of multiple infantry squads, leading them through over 12 levels of intense action. Utilize authentic combat tactics to command your squad as you battle enemies with an explosive arsenal of weapons, high-tech military equipment and new controllable mechanized units. New advanced squad controls give you more in-depth tactical command over your squad as you lead them through a variety of realistic combat missions. With all new multiplayer modes, go online and team up with a friend in two player co-op or go head-to-head with up to eight players through a variety of new adversarial and team-based objective missions.
  • Innovative gaming experience - Combines intense squad based combat and real-time tactical action, delivering the most authentic and realistic infantry combat experience ever.
  • New Squad Controls - Independently controllable scout & buddy teams, ability to give orders to one team while controlling another, and ability to enter buildings and position sniper teams.
  • Advanced reactive enemy AI that reacts realistically to combat situations.
  • Expansive, non-linear level design with multiple pathways to accomplish objectives.
  • New Multiplayer Experience - Full Spectrum Warrior style gameplay with both Co-op and Adversarial (Coalition vs. Opfor) online multiplayer modes.
Release date
Pandemic Studios
THQ Nordic
Age rating
18+ Adults Only
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System requirements for PC

Minimum: Windows 2000/XP (only), AMD Athlon XP or Pentium III 1.5 GHz, 256 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0b-compatible graphics card from NVIDIA® GeForce® 3 and higher (excluding GeForce® 4MX) or ATI® Radeon® 8500 and higher, DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card, DirectX 9.0c (included), 2.56 GB Free Hard Drive Space, MS Compatible mouse, Broadband Internet Connection (for multiplayer)
Recommended: Windows XP, AMD Athlon 64; or Pentium 4 2.8GHz+; 1 GB RAM, DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card from NVIDIA® (GeForce® 6600 and above), DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card - Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ series preferred
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Last Modified: Apr 30, 2023

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Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Back when I was young, I had bought a PS2 after a long Time. However, my Parents did not want To play shooter in their House (yes, it was not so ordered at that Time, as it is today, that's why you have CoD and CS a Lot of Small And Infantile Players ... Oh yes and 8 Year olds too.) That's why I totally felt "cool" (English: Cool) when a Friend gave me Medal of Honor Frontline at the time (one of the best First-person shooters at the Time as well as Halo). Anyway, one Day I discovered this game for PS2 in a Video Rental (that was Offline Streaming at THE Time, which doesn't know what it is). Same bought a bit disappointed never played again ... 2 Years later played out long thereafter totally thrilled (I have seemingly grown in time). Now for the PC and still positively surprised. It's not the blunt, "I'm the Over-man and make everything dead with a Button print" no that'S a Game that heads need. Command a Group and command them through the Chaotic Afgahnistan ... Forgiving ZEKISTAN means fighting the Country of Operation. One fights Terrorists, Militias still a Marginal Group ... So, in terms of Politics as confusing as in the Middle East, when someone is soon transferred to the Middle East, I recommend to sniff it out in the Game beforehand. Interestingly, the Game had originally been designed for the American Military. The Game includes complex Learning Topics such as Care Under Fire, Cover fire, use of Cover, Discontinue radio Messages, wounded and ammunition Message, Overtake and other military stuff. You can learn something while watching, but it will certainly not replace a practical Education. But back to the Game the Graphics is definitely better on the Computer than on the PS2, there are various difficult levels among others as Secret (cheat) the original Military Mode (here should be emphasized even if it was developed for the U.S Forces it completely distances itself ) that sweeps away the Soldier with a Shot and that he bled in seconds because the developer geniuses forgot to equip our Games squad with Tourniquets and the MEDEVAC Is miles in town in The middle (the Sofa was not a good Cover after all ...) .... But you just play and the Group is like the original American Soldier: Cool and invincible, we annoy the Population even more. It is mainly played in the Third-Person, which means that you have no direct influence on the Firefights. You can only command your Squad in which direction the Group has to act. The Group has several Specialists (is just so with the Amis. They can only be a Skill with other Things that are completely overwhelmed) so can give a Barrage with the MG, another CAN give a PRY shot (full a unding At the Ami-cast a precise Shot instead of several ball in a row) is one is Group leader of the Smoke Grenades carries with him and the other can fire Warheads (but no Anti-tank Weapons). The exciting or interesting thing is sometimes you can really stay in one Place for up to 5 Minutes because the Enemy has just nailed one down. Then you think how do I get away? Do I have alternatives? Can I try to push ahead for better Coverage and Position? To top it off it's a bit similar to Brothers in Arms just more complex and Strategy more lax. If you are looking for a Challenge and perhaps are interested in Military Tactics, you should buy it. One of the few Games where the Price is reasonable considering what quality you get delivered. 8/10
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