Games for Game Gear

Game Gear is the first portable video game console made by Sega. It competed with Atari Lynx, Nintendo Game Boy, and NEC TurboExpress and became the second best-selling portable console of its era. However, it still was not a successful product with only 10 million units sold. The console was much more technically advanced, then its main competitor, Game Boy, but was criticized for its short battery life, large size and lack of Sega’s support, as well as third-party developers support. The system’s hardware was very reminiscent of the Sega Master System and using Master Gear Converter could play games from that console. It used a similar control layout with the addition of separate START button. The game library included various Master System ports and exclusive titles. Some of the most acclaimed Game Gear games include Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Gunstar Heroes, Shinobi and Sonic the Hedgehog series ports.