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Game Tycoon 1.5

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Welcome to the Game Industry!

The year is 1982. Three young entrepreneurs discover the computer and potential to strike it rich in the Games Industry! Their love for computer games is a common bond that they all share but they are also in fierce competition with one another in a race to build a successful Games Development House…

They quickly find that the Games Development business is not as simple as it appears… Banks, Investors, Magazines, Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers and the Press are all breathing down your neck...they want results! Do you have what it takes? You are now an up and a coming entrepreneur in the Games Business. Do you have what it takes to be the next Game Tycoon?Features
  • Cartoon style graphics
  • Three characters to choose from
  • eleven mission including tutorial as well as a continuous play
  • Interactive advisor (when you need advice)
  • Realistic strategy game
  • Different market situations in accordance with the customer's requests of the respective years
  • As the years progress new technological advances offer new game development techniques
  • Animation of all speaking characters
  • Voices in English and German
  • A lot of laughs and jokes
Release date
Sunlight Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Processor: Pentium 3 with 600 MHz (or better)
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphiccard with a minimum of 256 MB Ram
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Game Tycoon 1.5 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
PREIS at REÊ Published €2.49:2003 and 2006 VERSION 1.5.15 GRAFIK In cartoon style. Completely sufficient. SOUND Background Music nothing special, but also not disturbing BALANCE Between three Levels of difficulty can be selected. Easy is very easy to master, good farming is required in terms of Means and Heavy. ATMOSPHERIS Something too lifeless, no "conscious" on the Screen, which is not decisive. THE character moves in different Places and Rooms. Maybe bother one or the other, but I don't. You always come back by Right click. I don't have any Problems with Control. UMFANG Endless Game and 10 Missions are available, as well as a Tutorial, which does not explain the full Scope of the Game. AI Competition (only 2 Competitors) exists; Shares can be purchased Through Shares. SPIELSPASS The Missions have 10 different Game Targets (E.g. develop a 75% rating game or become a Millionaire). According to the Missions, the Starting conditions are also different (Start Year, Start capital). Whether the 10 Missions or the Endless game, the Goal is, of course, to make Money from game Development. You have to hire Employees (self-employed or permanently employed), possibly borrow from the Bank, buy licenses, buy an Engine from the Notary or create them yourself, buy publisher contracts, increase the Company image, increase its games via Marketing Push, produce them yourself and can then look at the Rankings in the Gameshop or see the acoustic Trend and the Tests at the Kiosk. By the Way, you can increase your Private Assets in the Form of new Furniture, etc. Since Game Tycoon 1.5 is an Economic Simulation, you should think through your Decisions well accordingly. For example, Employees: What it means to hire a permanent or freely worked employee Should you already know. So anyone Who likes to focus on the economic Aspect and is not out of is quick to produce one successful Game after another is just right here. Which doesn't mean you can't produce successful Games. Many Factors depend on it: Which Employees do I have, what Engine do I use, so how up-to-date is this, what do I attach to the Game in Production, I may have a Lizens, as is known my Company, etc. In contrast to the Second Part, the Structure of Game Development and many other Points are much slimmer, but still Fun. THE GAME was released in 2006, AHEAD Of GameDevTycoon, GamersGoMakers and MadGamesTycoon. So All Comparisons to these Games are not possible anyway. As a Comparison you can certainly call Software Tycoon, but I never played this myself, But Game Tycoon 1.5 is very reminiscent of it. Game Tycoon 1.5 is the Previous Game of Game Tycoon 2 And therefore focuses on Economic Simulation and not casual game. So If you want to quickly develop some Games here to make the big Money, Game Tycoon is completely wrong. As a solid Economic Simulation where you don't get everything on the Silver Platter in the Form of a Tutorial or Help, Game Tycoon Can score points. If you have no Patience or desire to get to know the Game, you will not be able to play successfully. More to the Point: I just make Loss or my Games don't get good Ratings and am Right back bankrupt I mean doing as a Player guaranteed to do what wrong. Is the Game good now? Yes, it is. Game Tycoon is a solid Economic Simulation, not a casual game tycoon that is only Fun when you understand the economic Aspect and process of Game Development. EMPFEHLING Yes, as it is currently available under €3. Yes, if you don't already own Game Tycoon 2 and want to use this as an Entry Point. It is consequently then easier to understand Game Tycoon 2. No, if you already own and have understood Game Tycoon 2. No, if you don't like the Focus of Economic Simulation.
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