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Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor

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Welcome to the Coliseum. Behold the sacred sand where blood is spilt and fortunes are made. ‘Tis not a place for the meek, so abandon all thought of tomorrow and bolster your courage. From now on Fate will be your lover, and her embrace holds no warmth - only death and glory.Step into a more brutal Time
Gladiators Online provides an authentic look at what occurred in the life of ancient gladiators. Your main tasks as Lanista (owner of a gladiator school) will be to scout new talent, prepare and equip your men for battle, and control your fighters during combat - furthering the fame of your noble House!Fight thousands of other Players
Combat in Death Before Dishonor plays out in real time allowing you to tactically control your gladiator’s offensive and defensive moves. Collecting Virtus energy through successful attacks and timing one of the 60 individual combat skills will decide over life and death in the arena.Manage your Business
With over 600 items, consumables and techniques influencing the outcome of the battle, strategic management is crucial to a Gladiator’s success. Training and preparing your men for combat will require you to seek the professional assistance of Magisters, Healers and Courtesans.Death Before Dishonor
Death in the arena is permanent, no magical potions, no divine intervention. As Livy points out: “We feel public misfortunes just so far as they affect our private circumstances, and nothing of this nature appeals more directly to us than the loss of money.” And that’s exactly what your men are: Capital investment. Tend to their needs and watch your fans and income rise. Let them die and you can bury your hopes right with them…Class Descriptions

The Murmillo is the archetypical gladiator of imperial Rome. His name may derive from Latin “Murex”, a pointy-shelled sea snail, well-fitting a defensive combat strategy. He is heavily armored, fights with a gladius short sword and wields a large shield.

The Hoplomachus derives his name from the Greek “Hoplon”, the typical round shield of Hellenic fighters. Clearly the inspiration for this gladiator class was the Hoplite with his “Sarissa” lance, fighting in the armies of Alexander. The Hoplomachus is a medium armored combatant focusing on spear and small shield.

The Thraex class developed from the fierce warriors of the north-eastern province of Thrace. Gladiators of this type prefer fighting with curved swords such as the one-handed “Sica”. They wear medium armor and wield small rectangular shields.

The most iconic of all gladiator classes, he fights with the “Rete”, the fishermen’s net, and the trident. Retiarii are only lightly armored, predominantly with solid shoulder armor, the “Galerus”. They do not use any shields, generally relying on their tridents wielded with both hands.
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Dorado Games
Dorado Games
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium (2.6 GHz)/ AMD Athlon 64 (2.6 GHz)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 9400 GT (512 RAM)/ Radeon 4350 (512 RAM)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Totally undervalued and underestimated Negative Reviews Forget these Muzzle heroes with their 0.1-2.0 Game hours which mean they could rate this Game in all Areas. Everything * B.u.l.l.s.h.i.t *!!!! The full Potential only unfolds gradually i.e. one should at least gamble your 5-10 Hours to get to know the Game and the Fight exactly. Day 1-Need Of Habituation but solidly built The Game I've seen at a Mate about Steam. I love Gladiator Games, was curious and expected a Spartacus Legends on PC with Management and that for free Without Pay2Win! Initially on the first Day I was mixed Feelings and thought yes ok you can spend a few Hours with it. The Fights didn't really impress me at first, but the around it captivated me. Finally my own Ludus by Name, Flag by being able to buy and manage my Gladiaoren on the Market to my Heart's content. Train, Skills, Attributes, Customize, Trainers, doctors, Masseurs, Courtesans with well thought-out reward/time system. Ok there are Premium Tools, Staff and Gladiators but you can do it all without paying. The Premium Account can also be activated free of charge via the Arencontracts. Premium has Advantages, however, that Gladiators would be better, but if they are killed, the Game replaces them with equally ranked Premium levels. Standard Gladiators are permanent Death! The Premium Armor Sat weapons are also no better of the Values, but simply do not need to be repaired. Day 2-Like the Game The Gladiators get better and better thanks to RPG Elements and different Classes. The initially stupid Combat System gradually gains meaning. Not the Fight is bad but the Way I fought. Depending on the Class, the Attributes can be selected in a goal-oriented manner. If you disagree with the random Attribute, you can dice several times depending on the Potential of the Gladiator. Silver, Gold and Dice can be selected via Contracts before a Fight. Just like the Risk of Killings. Skills can be distributed by Rank climb and have an offensive, tactical or passive Orientation. Parking, Countering, Dodging, Attacking, Blocking, animated skills in Combat, tactical Depth now determine every Fight and I like it better and better. Day 3-Tied up in The Game Meanwhile, I have mastered my own Constant Desire for more Premises and Expansion of my Gladiator School. Weekly Rewards and League System are Fun and get the Motivation. I have Targets like Sand by the Sea. The 159 Achievements you can unlock paired with Rewards such as Silver, Title, Gold make for a Whim. Fight I now find great even though I lack Combos and a little more Arcade but shit on it, good Tactics and temporal Skills are required as well as many Actions can be done! But there are Unfortunately few Players with them on deadly Duels and Friendly PvP. The leveling of the Gladiators, including new Tools and their Maintenance, and distribution of Skills, Attributes captivate immensely. By the Way, recruit even better Personnel and expand the Ludus, keeping an Eye on Statistics and Opponents. Day 4-In Love with Rome The 50 Hours of Play are soon cracked and my built up Gladiators have grown close to my Heart. Feel like Lentulus Batiatus as a Gladiator master (lanista) and the Owner of a Gladiator school in Capua. The Contracts and Gladiators are now making good Money for me. The Audience loves the Gladiators and loyal Fans have rallied around my best. Equiffement Now fits visually as well as in colour with the Name, which by the way can always be adapted, this is a must, such as Hair, Face and Beard. In the End, the Game captivated me and prompted me to do this Review to vote for a POSITIVES Game! Verdict-Bread and Games It could definitely be more culinary but you get fed up and entertained. Good Game for Lau and it's Fun. How long is up to yourself! Some spend their Time in it others deleting it right back. Gladiator Games are few and they have often failed to implement good Ideas. This includes this game, but within the Framework of that, you can be satisfied with it. The Game is more convincing gradually.
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