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Gods of the Fallen Land

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Gods of the Fallen Land is an action-strategy game centered around base building and villager management.

Take on the roll of a leader trying to rebuild humanity in a broken and dangerous world. The area layout changes with each play through and your villagers are randomly generated, with their own names, appearances, and traits. Build your defenses and keep your followers safe through the night, while collecting and managing your resources during the day to face the ever growing threats. Lead your followers into battle and make strategic decisions on what to develop and build to survive.

Take lead, manage your village, and prepare your defenses as you fight to survive against the terrors of the night.Features
  • Procedural map with a different layout every game you play
  • Multiple map types with unique enemies and weather
  • An upgrade tree system allowing you to specialize your strategy
  • Multiple playable characters with their own unique abilities, upgrades, and buildings
  • Standard mode in which you progress towards an ending while fighting stronger enemies.
  • Endless mode which tests the limits of how long you can survive.
  • Randomized item drops from enemies and world objects allow for unique strategies and opportunities
  • Level up your leader to unlock new skills to support your followers or directly attack enemies
  • Assign your followers to various jobs such as gatherers, builders, soldiers, archers, priests and more to have them carry out different duties.
  • Traits give followers unique quirks, allowing them to excel at certain roles.
Release date
Crow's Key Studios
(TSR) Crow's Key Studios
Crow's Key Studios
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Processor: 3.2 GHz+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated Graphics Card 2 GB
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Rough guideline, based on limited testing and the development system.
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Last Modified: Aug 10, 2022

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Immanentize the Eschaton - Normal
Beat Standard Mode on Normal.
Gears of Progress
Beat Standard Mode as the Forgemaster.
Keeping the Faith
Receive something from an Idol.
Divine Power
Reach a leader level of 10.
Old Wisdom
Build a Golem.
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Gods of the Fallen Land reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Yes... It Is very sad that such games drown under a ton of other different products. About the game found out at all accidentally when in the tape YouTube appeared video about different releases of different games in August. There was this one Among them. In General, I love the strategy, and I love the pixels (now a lot of people with similar tastes). In this game, in terms of pictures, everything looks like it should and nothing annoying at all. There is nothing special About the Graphonia and style, but it is pleasant. Management is understood by itself. Although the buttons can not be re-bindable, but they are all there where the fingers easily reach them. The Gameplay looks like the construction of a mini-fortress around the crystal to defend it. If The crystal breaks-the end of the game. Such Tower Defence, but still monsters are interesting not only crystal, but the towers themselves, houses, walls, residents, you. The more you can steer your own troops. It is rather RTS with elements of Tower Defence'a. I Do not want to attribute this game RPG elmnt. It has 2 characters (initially one is open). In The course of the game they can be pumped, but during pumping to choose nothing. There is a bar of skills. Initially only the first of 5and, but during the game for pouring into the crystal resource can be opened and others. Only open them strictly from left to right, and in the process of pumping to choose some stats or abilities can not. So... So. Of Course there is more inventory (left 5 cells). And if there is an inventory-there is also a loot. But It's always too much. After the fight all the land is littered with different utility nishtykami, and all the inventory is already scored because character in the bag falls all on what it comes. Enemies can only go from 3 sides as there will always be a wall in the north (which is pathetic). Narrow passages or preset tracks are not present, the night usually comes a whole horde of undead, and not only the undead. Many Times there was a sea of red dots on the minimap around my little, Neschatnoy fortress. Although, rather than dots, just a solid red fill. Each fight looks pretty juicy. Sounds, abilities of the hero, big opponents, hordes of undead, fire Mortir-all this does not look cardboard. The Sad truth is that often, not always, during the battle your and enemy troops merge into one such circle, and there someone. But, as a rule, each battle is accompanied by explosions, scale and pleasant music. I'm not bad at all the soundtrack. Music does not play on the replay throughout the gameplay, and in the main menu in general the sound of ticking hours (as well as in the Pause menu). But when she plays, she's nice to listen to. At The time of writing the review in the game spent about 6 hours and I had no desire to turn it off. She's always been to the place. The Map on which everything is happening is quite extensive. On It everywhere buried some chests, black and yellow squares, there are statues that for pouring into them resource can be something will give. After a few nights on the map will begin in the afternoon to come all sorts of not good creatures and to admire some place. Naturally after the love they will go on you by the storm of the pre-cheach with a wet bell. Bottom Line: I recommend the game to everyone who will read this review. In my, not very competent, look it is totally worth the 129 and rubles. It has A adapting, it looks nice, not bad addictive, there are 2 difficulties (normal and complex), 2 game modes (final and, Soc-sleep, infinite) and not complex text (not necessarily know English). P.S. On since has not yet tried everything that offers the game, perhaps in the future, add to the review. Thank you for reading:)
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