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Halo 3

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Halo 3 is a first-person shooter from Bungie and another installment in one of the most popular gaming universes. The third part of the franchise completes the story begun in Halo: Combat Evolved.

The action takes place in years 2552-53, in which humanity colonized the distant boundaries of the universe and met the aliens The Covenant. As a result of the conflict, a war begins between two species. Play as the Master Chief, who suffers a crash in eastern Africa. He is found by his allies Johnson and the Arbiter and together they are sent to repel the alien aggressors.

Halo 3 is a traditional first-person shooter, with a well-designed game world and mythology. The series is known for its multiplayer, which many consider the best in the genre. Matches can fit up to 16 people, who fight in several game modes. They are a variation on the Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes. In addition to multiplayer battles, players can go through the campaign together with 3 friends in a cooperative mode.

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Last Modified: Mar 4, 2021

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Halo 3 reviews and comments

"The port of Halo 3 to PC is excellent across the board, and the addition of new features and content make it the best the game has ever felt to play." - Windows Central

Completed on Apr 11, 2021. I've played this game for the very first time on my PC, and what a blast has it been. The graphics are a simple remastered version of 2006, but the story and the score, those are unbeatable, no matter how old the game is and will be. I strongly recommend this game.
«Blew my mind»
I'm a Half-Life guy. This is on par with Half-Life in my opinion.
«Blew my mind»
The campaign is decent. The first couple of missions are a bit weak, but the levels get better as the story progresses. There are more improvements on the gameplay and some nice unique moments. On higher difficulties some parts can get annoying, you'll die a lot for reasons that seem a bit cheap. Graphics look a bit dated especially in the cutscenes, but I didn't mind that much.
I played "Halo 3" before many, many years ago. But i only managed to play the first two missions and then i gave up because i thought it was so boring. I played "Halo 4" a month before this and that game was really good. I liked it and i completed it. But "Halo 3" on the other hand was a big letdown. And this game was the peak of the X-Box-franchise. Back then this was a huge event and Microsoft spend millions into the marketing-campaign, which was all over the place at the time. And because i had nothing new to play i thought it was time to revisit "Halo 3" and give it my "Hour of Power"-treatment, where i play a game for exactly 60 minutes and decide if i´m willing to continue to play or if i just quit. Spoilers: i gave up.

The game itself isn´t bad at all, especially when you´re a Halo-fan. But i grew tired of Shooters within the last couple of years. The controls were good, but there were so much things that annoyed me. First of all i hated the character-design for the enemies. I hate those little comedic Aliens and how they ran away once you killed the big guys. But that was my problem with the Halo-series since the beginning. The taller enemies looked kinda cool and i think that they had some cool designs for the big guys in later missions....but once again: i am not going to play this one til the end. The other thing that was a huge problem for me was the little amount of ammunition. Of course, you can pick up any weapon from a defeated enemy...but that guns sucked. The standard-Halo-gun is the one i liked the most, but it ran out of ammo pretty quickly and i had to use the alien-weapons. Maybe it´s just me and i am a noob, but i don´t like it when i don´t have enough ammunition. Especially in shooters. But the biggest flaw i had with "Halo 3" would be the level-design. The levels were way too linear. I got stuck with the Master Chief in almost every single wall and i couldn´t move as i wanted to, because the space wasn´t enough. And i get it: The missions are set in a very small base and you don´t have that much room in those environments. But the first 2 missions are set in a jungle and are still not that extensive to begin with.

So these were my issues i had with "Halo 3", which is considered to be a classic of the shooter-genre. Well, as i said i am not the biggest fan of shooters (anymore) and nowadays i am used to different styles of gaming. Maybe i would have liked it more back then when it came out. But i don´t think so. The level-designs, the lack of ammunition and the comedic alien-enemies are just a little too much for me. I can´t say that i didn´t enjoyed it in this "Hour of Power", but i felt like i had seen enough of the game. Maybe i will try to play another title of the series in the future, but for now i am done with "Halo" as a franchise......
«I could make it better»
I don't want to get into [Fanboy/girl'ism], but. Halo was released on Xbox, I owed Playstation 2 and I've missed it. I remmember going to computerized game rooms and see people playing "Halo". It seemed futuristic and everyone was playing it! Now I know, it was a beginning of a very holy franchise for xbox. The one and most important, most shiny jewel in the collection of xbox games. I understood that by playing Halo 3 on Xbox 360. Wow, I it is so good that I almost wanna cry. Such attention to detail : music, multiplayer, map editor. The game is vast. It feels boundless. Cortana, is that you?
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Last levels were meh, but overall is decent
Maybe this review is a little biased because Halo 3 is my favourite game mostly because of when I played it. It was the first game I played that made feel like I was the character, in this case Master Chief. Before Halo I only played COD MW2 but Halo 3 managed to blew my mind with it's music, gamplay and story.
«Blew my mind»
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