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Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite is the twelfth installment in the Halo franchise, and the sixth in the main series of science fiction first-person shooters. It is the sequel to Halo 5: Guardians and the third chapter in the Reclaimer Saga sub-series that was started by Halo 4. It is also the first game powered by the completely new Slipspace engine developed by Microsoft.


The Halo franchise is set in the 26th century, when the human civilization, led by United Nations Space Command, wages total war against the theocratic interstellar alliance called the Covenant. The goal of the war is the control of ring-shaped space stations, called Halos, which were built in ancient times by a lost civilization of Forerunners.


The game follows the series' most famous protagonist: Master Chief, who is a “Spartan” - a genetically enhanced, power armor wearing super soldier. Infinite continues the story of Master Chief and his companions, the Blue Team, as they fight against the AI called Cortana that tries to take over the control of the Halos. AHalo Infinite is set on a forested Halo inhabited by rhinos and other wildlife reminiscent of prehistoric Earth.


In addition to single player story campaign, Halo Infinite supports cooperative multiplayer modes, both local and online. There's, however, no Battle Royale mode.

System requirements for Xbox One

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 10

System requirements for Xbox Series S/X

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Last Modified: Nov 28, 2023

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    Cow Catcher
    In co-op, splattered 50 enemies while riding in a vehicle with another player.
    Wolves at the Doors
    In co-op, lowered all three gates within 15 seconds of each other at Riven Gate.
    Gruesome Twosome
    In co-op, killed 50 enemies while riding a Mongoose with another player.
    Controlled Demolition
    In co-op, destroyed four Fuel Silos within five seconds at either Ransom Keep or the Forge of Teash.
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    Got at least one kill with every available weapon and grenade on the Banished ship.
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    Halo Infinite reviews and comments

    This is my first Halo game since the very first installment many years ago. I thought the villains were a bit too cartoonist and the only human side character was overacting but the relationship between Master Chief and the AI was intriguing.

    Unfortunately the gameplay was middling. If you want to play a Super Soldier in a scifi fiction setting, the Doom games have the better gun and gameplay.

    Still, Halo is overall an enjoyable shooter with high production values.

    Despite the open world, the game is not wasting the player's time as much as Ubisoft games.

    However it has to be questioned why this was an open world game to begin with. There's not a single optional quest aside from outpost missions.

    It's not a perfect game but it's enjoyable enough.
    «Sit back and relax»
    Waste of time and boring)
    «Waste of time»
    Its combat is so brain dead
    I played it for the scifi, which was alright. Open world Halo works well, the vehicles are fun to drive around in. If only it's wasn't for that FPS aspect ...

    Date Completed: 2022-07-05
    Playtime: 14h
    Enjoyment: 7/10
    Recommendation: It's Halo, you know what to expect.
    buhf ghbrjkmyfz
    «Can’t stop playing»
    Really enjoyed the campaign, moreso than any other mainline Master Chief Halo game I've played (though perhaps on par with Halo Reach). I actually really enjoyed the emotional core of the story and I feel like it caught me off-guard - however, most of the plot points are (as per usual) incredibly dense Halo lore mumbo jumbo. The feel of the controls and movement are excellent, real classic Halo feel but the addition of the grappling hook mechanic is as good as everyone says it is; the semi-open world is the perfect size for exploration.
    One of the best Halo! The first REAL open world Halo with some landscapes similar to Halo CE. A nice story too and a great multiplayer. You will love it for sure!
    «Can’t stop playing»
    343 still does not get it.
    «Oh God i managed it»
    While the campaign hasn't released yet, it is on the way, and I'm quite excited. I think the multiplayer is good, it feels and plays like Halo, but my interest in the multiplayer isn't enough for me to keep coming back. That's not a knock at the game, more personal taste. The only negative I have is the progression and the incentive to keep playing is almost nonexistent. The battlepass hysteria needs to die, and companies need to stop ripping off Fortnite. It's a terrible business model that I despise.
    «Sit back and relax»
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