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Halo Infinite review
by matmartin

This is my first Halo game since the very first installment many years ago. I thought the villains were a bit too cartoonist and the only human side character was overacting but the relationship between Master Chief and the AI was intriguing.

Unfortunately the gameplay was middling. If you want to play a Super Soldier in a scifi fiction setting, the Doom games have the better gun and gameplay.

Still, Halo is overall an enjoyable shooter with high production values.

Despite the open world, the game is not wasting the player's time as much as Ubisoft games.

However it has to be questioned why this was an open world game to begin with. There's not a single optional quest aside from outpost missions.

It's not a perfect game but it's enjoyable enough.
«Sit back and relax»

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Waste of time and boring)
«Waste of time»
Its combat is so brain dead
I played it for the scifi, which was alright. Open world Halo works well, the vehicles are fun to drive around in. If only it's wasn't for that FPS aspect ...

Date Completed: 2022-07-05
Playtime: 14h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: It's Halo, you know what to expect.
buhf ghbrjkmyfz
«Can’t stop playing»
Really enjoyed the campaign, moreso than any other mainline Master Chief Halo game I've played (though perhaps on par with Halo Reach). I actually really enjoyed the emotional core of the story and I feel like it caught me off-guard - however, most of the plot points are (as per usual) incredibly dense Halo lore mumbo jumbo. The feel of the controls and movement are excellent, real classic Halo feel but the addition of the grappling hook mechanic is as good as everyone says it is; the semi-open world is the perfect size for exploration.
One of the best Halo! The first REAL open world Halo with some landscapes similar to Halo CE. A nice story too and a great multiplayer. You will love it for sure!
«Can’t stop playing»
343 still does not get it.
«Oh God i managed it»
While the campaign hasn't released yet, it is on the way, and I'm quite excited. I think the multiplayer is good, it feels and plays like Halo, but my interest in the multiplayer isn't enough for me to keep coming back. That's not a knock at the game, more personal taste. The only negative I have is the progression and the incentive to keep playing is almost nonexistent. The battlepass hysteria needs to die, and companies need to stop ripping off Fortnite. It's a terrible business model that I despise.
«Sit back and relax»
Journal Style Review:

Love the power move of the unannounced multiplayer release. The performance was pretty solid on day one. A few glitchy moments but overall good and I found games in like 5 seconds every time. Halo is back and I fucking love it. Early impressions of this halo are fucking good. They just need enough content and reason to keep playing. The foundation is there.

I bought the season pass which is the first I’ve ever bought. The multiplayer is free which they didn’t have to do so I like the idea of supporting the game. Opening night impressions is I’m not going to love the challenges system. It makes me feel like some games are pointless because I couldn’t possibly progress any of the weekly challenges. I’d rather there be a traditional leveling system for playlists. Even if they only had a rank, no unlocks. I’d like that added.

I hope we get a good statistics page. Previous halos had good stats and I’ll be bummed if this one doesn’t add it in later.

Challenges already slightly modified to make it so every daily is just 50xp for a match. That’s a bit better but I think there should be a bonus 50xp for winning the match. There needs to be motivation to win. Some games I don’t give a shit about winning because I’m desperately trying to splatter somebody.

I think the shock rifle feels better. I love the new sniper/carbine gun. This halo feels good. I just hope they continue to improve the progression system , add a stats page, and continue to add many more playlists and maps etc. Strong start though. I’m not in a rush with this halo. I think it sticks around for awhile and just gets better and better. I can see this being a game I keep coming back to. 

So far I’m not liking the challenge system. It’s not the worst. But it is definitely causing more frustration than joy and satisfaction. It isn’t encouraging me to play the game in different ways. It’s forcing me to do things that are not practical or beneficial and most importantly, not fun. It feels like a chore to do the challenges, and to not do the challenges feels like a waste. So it’s lose lose. I hope it gets changed.

Damn this game feels good. I love that they added fiesta. I hope they continue to add new playlists regularly. Keep it fresh. I also had a good streak of challenges that weren’t too difficult. It’s a lot more fun when I’m just trying to win games rather than complete weird specific tasks. 

First two weeks impressions is the challenge system ultimately needs to be changed. It needs to be improved upon for this halo to reach its potential. I had a challenge to win 1 stockpile game. I had played 9 big teams in a row before getting stockpile and then my team got crushed even though I had a heroic game. Took another 6 games to get another stockpile where we crushed. I was having fun still but not nearly as much much as when I was actually progressing the challenges. This is always going to be the case to some degree. There will be easy weeks and lucky weeks where the game modes and maps line up well for the challenges but there will be streaks like this where the challenges just suck the fun out of the game. Still really like the feel of the game though. Best halo feel ever.

My biggest needs:
- Triple the amount of playlists
- The ability to filter what game modes you play
- Xp for winning games, and ideally also based on individual performance.
- I still need my stats page.
I feel some fatigue with playing the same modes over and over when I’m trying to get a specific game type for a challenge. I still love the look and feel of this halo but as it currently stands it’s a high A-. I see potential for an A or even A+ once they get more content and make the necessary QOL changes. I hope it makes it there before too long.

Started the campaign! Opening couple of missions are decent. Pretty solid start.

I’m going to love this campaign. lm really liking the open world aspect to it. The voice acting and sound design in general is fucking unreal. 

I’ve played enough to already safely say this is my favourite halo campaign. It’s so good. At this point I like the campaign more than the multiplayer and that is very unexpected.

It’s hard to guess how many hours I’ve logged but I’d guess I’m like 14 hours in? I love the campaign. Best halo campaign to date. The progression is well done. The map exploration is amazing because of the grapple and the nice looking environment. The unique upgraded weapons are very fun. Even the story is great. I’m very pleased with how fun it is. It was likely that Infinite was eventually going to end up an A or higher, but I didn’t expect the campaign to be the reason it gets bumped up to an A, but here we are. Campaign is currently an A.

Finished the campaign. It ended a bit quicker than I expected but still overall I loved it.

I hate tactical slayer. It’s the only game mode I really don’t like.

Almost done the season 1 BP. The BP was disappointing and the amount/quality of the cosmetics is weak. But even if the gear was super cool I still don’t like how the challenge system encourages people to play. It doesn’t encourage competing and fun gameplay, it encourages random and forced encounters. As it stands it’s a low A. With the addition of more maps, game modes, guns, forge, a non BP ranking or progression system, and/or a BR mode this game could potentially jump to an A+, but if they wait too long to get it right the effect may not be the same.

I’ve waited forever for new content. They have been really disappointing with this “live service” idea. It’s not live. It’s no service. Little content and no updates. I’m not going to change the score but I’m my mind it’s an A- based off this disappointment. I don’t think I’m jumping back in for season 2. Who knows when I give it another go.

Sept 2022 update: halo infinite is in an awful state. Year 1 has been abysmal in terms of live service content. It’s like the game is still in a Beta. That being said I jumped back in for a little while during they yappening to play some big team fiesta. It was fun. The core gameplay is fun there just isn’t enough content and their progression system fucking blows. Halo infinite takes the prize for biggest disappointment in 2022.

Final Score: A