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Hero Rush: Mad King

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Hurry up and assemble an army of brave warriors to fight against the mad king! Overthrow the terrible tyrant from his throne and earn the recognition of thousands of people! Capture hundreds of cities and strengthen economy to secure the best income.
Plenty of different characters! The most brave and faithful are ready to serve you. Evolve and train your fighters! You will have the access to many other classes, in addition to usual knights, mages and archers. Provide your soldiers with the best equipment and give them powerful artifacts that can raise your fighting power.
Use magic to determine the outcome of the battle! You will have some useful abilities to help soldiers win the fight.
Simple interface, interesting gameplay and nice graphics will make the time you spend in the game unforgettable. A fascinating plot and enthralling events won't let you get bored, and you, as the future new king, will have to make far more than one hard choice.
Aside from the royal army, you will encounter many obstacles on your way to power. Tricky robbers, quirky witches and many faithful dogs of the Mad King are going to withstand your army, so slay them all!
Compete with other players to get into the top-100, prove to everyone that you deserve to be on the highest peak!
Release date
Hamsters Gaming
Hamsters Gaming
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Bewitch them!
Form a team of 3 magicians
Blacksmith II
Craft an item level 4
Team Maker IV
Gather 6 heroes in a team
Conqueror III
Capture 50 cities
Levelupper II
Level up 3 heroes to level 10
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Hero Rush: Mad King reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Game is definitely liked. The Most important thing is it really captures. Pros: There Are quite a lot of things in the game. And quests, and Shmotki, and science and other heresy. The Game at first glance seems a simple, but when you find it turns out that the game is quite voluminous. Second. Loved the plot. After capturing each city is an event and you can make an interesting choice. At First, all executed and tortured, but then it turned out that when you execute the good-you lose money) In general, not only that the events are interesting-also the choice of the plot is quite wide. By the Way, the plot is not linear, which also delivers. Third. The Important point that I liked-the return to the game. Usually all such toys for 2-3 bucks for one or two evenings. And that's not complete. Here while you are not in the game to accumulate taxes and having gone to some boss, you can go to the next day and collect a whole cloud of taxes, and then break the boss at once two and seriously move on. In fact, the game is quite addictive its non-spice. Cons: Did not like the art. The little ones are straight, everything is a bit angular. But If honestly hovering it only the first half-hour-then it is stupid do not notice. And personally for me art at all not in the first place-I like all sorts of managers, was in the Darkest Dungeon, and there the situation with the art plus minus the same. In General, the total-the game is recommended. Simple, dynamic and at the same time quite addictive.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Game at first glance seems a simple and type of tablet \ Phone. In principle, I would not mind if she came out on Android, it would be very good. And so the game turned out to be quite interesting. Very similar to those browsers in which you have to pick up your party and watch the car. But. There is one thing that I liked very much. This is a kind of RP system. Namely, after each captured city there is a window with a plot in which it is necessary to make a choice. For example, we caught an enemy racer or an ambassador. And He carries an important letter. You can let go of ransom, torture or even execute hapless cotton. But This variability creates some atmosphere inherent in RPG games. And It really raises the game against the background of other similar games (Soryan for tautology). Also liked the feature with construction in the cities. In The captured cities you can build different types of buildings that give a different profit: experience, gold, cristals, even energy for quests. And thus it is possible to nashvavat cities, to rush mines and, having entered into game in a couple of days, to collect a lot of taxes. And thus to pump the party. Personally for me this is a nice plus, since I do not like to grin in games. And the gameplay itself in principle is simple, but when you start to play, you think: here, I will grab 1 city and turn it off. It wasn't here. After a dozen of the captured city begins to wonder, and I have not forgotten anything. As A conclusion I can say that the game of your money is worth. Below in principle have already given a more complete evaluation of the game, so I have nothing to add. But I liked the game, and I am a noble adherent)
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