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Heroes of a Broken Land

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Heroes of a Broken Land is a turn-based, dungeon crawling, town management RPG.

Explore procedurally generated worlds and dungeons with multiple parties of heroes. Ally with other towns to recruit new and more powerful heroes. Explore and loot countless dungeons on your quest to save the world.

  • First person, turn-based dungeon crawling action
  • Manage multiple 6 parties of up to 6 heroes each to explore the word
  • Manage towns, constructing buildings to upgrade your heroes and kingdom
  • Recruit heroes from the realm and turn novices into powerful adventurers
  • Each game is a unique world unto itself, with countless worlds and dungeons
  • Choose the size of your world: explore a small Fragment for quick adventure, or an enormous one for an epic quest

A Broken Land, shattered by the Wizards of old, the Fragments of the Old World are adrift in the Void. You must visit and restore each Fragment of the Void, only then can the World be rebuilt. However you are trapped in a crystal body, unable to act alone.

You must gather and recruit the many Heroes of each Fragment to act for you. You must explore each Fragment of the World. Delve into every dungeon to gather the resources and power needed to purify each Fragment. Expand your outpost to train and equip your heroes. Make allies with the other towns and settlements, convince them to join in your quest.
Release date
Winged Pixel Inc.
Winged Pixel Inc.
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP with SP2 or later; Windows 7 with SP1 or later; Windows 8
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Heroes of a Broken Land reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Your World ... broken. Your Body ... trapped in Crystal. Your Hope ... Heroes! Heroes of a Broken Land! Well, Heroes of a broken Land is an old school game that bring back DUNGEON MASTER (DM) and EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (EOTB) memories. It has not that nice graphic Style of EOTB or DM but the same playing mechanics. I know that EOTB was Realtime and DM turn based but each are Dungeon Crawler where you have tom go step by step and not fluent like FPS Games. And that is what i like. Exploring Dungeons, finding treasure and defeating monsters. At first you start on a map creating a group of adventurers and going on exploring that map. You have a City that you can rise with special buildings, that can be very usefull to you like giving items or upgrading your partymembers. But you need crystals and gold and so you can visit several dungeons on the map. A click on it shows your how hard the dungeon is, expending on the level of your party. Entering the dungeon you can explore them also with the help on an automap, which is very usefull, because some a really labyrinths. The Dungeons are totally random and if you beat a dungeon and return later, when it is again able to enter the Dungeon will have changed. That is something that rises my motivation. The monsters are okay and normally not impossible, but you have a little bit tactically to work with your casting and meele skills and to rise your Party wisely when they reach their next level. The piano music that guides you through the dungeon fits nice in and never got me annoying. You have to conquer special dungeons to win this game. Also you have to rise more then one Party because there are dungeons that need more then one group. If you are in with them you can switch easily between them. Sometimes if you don`t seal the conquered dungeons monsters escape and wander on the World Map, waiting for you to stop them. There are also some little features like neighbour citys and usefull buildings on the map. Sometimes there are really hard dungeons or monsters on the World Map. Ignore them and make lower Dungeons to rise your Party. Sooner or later you will be ready for them. All in all is Heroes of a Broken Land a nice Dungeoncrawler with Heroes of Might and Magic Elements that can bound you for hours on the screen. I played many Dungeons and each time i`m motivated for the next dungeon, no matter if it has the same monsters or Graphics. I want to rise my party and equip them with good items out of the dungeons and that gets never boring for me. So, if you like old school graphics of the C64/Amiga500 Era and also like simple Dungeon crawling style like EOTB and DM, mixed with Heroes of Might and Magic Elements that will challenge you for hours to play, then take your Heroes and save the Broken Land. Thank you for reading.
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