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This is a test drive of the LÖVE framework that I went a bit overboard with. Collect the seven foodstuffs scattered throughout the maze-like game world. Once all are in your possession, return to your den to prep for hibernation!


Arrow Keys, WASD: Walk, jump, climb, activate machines.
R: Restart from the last checkpoint.
Tab: Display the automap. All visited screens will be shown, and all food locations will also be indicated.
F2: Return to the title screen (restarts the application)
Escape: Open the options menu. Use up/down or W/S to select an option, left/right or A/D to adjust a numeric parameter, and Enter to toggle an On-or-Off parameter. Press Escape to leave the menu.

Gameplay Notes

In order to progress, you'll need to pick up coins to activate moving platforms, and also increase your jump strength by collecting new sneakers, just as in nature.

Checkpoints are represented as torches. When defeated by the bad things, you will be returned to the last torch with all progress since then undone. You can touch the same torch twice to update the restore point with new stats.

Occasionally, you will have to deal with swimming. You float upwards to the surface, and the only way to move further downwards underwater is to have jumped in from a sufficiently high point. To leave water, hold the jump button to continuously hop out. It's not possible to drown in this game.

Additional Menu Options That Warrant Explanation

Screen Scale: Magnifies the screen. Lower is smaller.
Time Scale: Changes the speed of gameplay. Lower is faster.
Vsync: When enabled, synchronizes draw updates to the refresh rate of your monitor or television. When disabled, the game renders at a rate as fast as your system and LÖVE will allow, which may cause screen tearing artifacts.

System Requirements

In general: your system needs to support LÖVE 11.2 to play this game. A 32-bit Windows package is provided below, as well as the .love project file which can be used with the Linux and MacOS versions of LÖVE. Unfortunately, I do not currently have access to a MacOS system for testing and packaging a standalone Mac release. I intend to resolve this at some point in the future, and also intend to make a Linux AppImage or similar all-in-one package as well.

I tested the Windows package on an old HTPC with an AMD A6-6400K running Windows 10, and experienced substantial frame drops while Vsync was enabled. Disabling Vsync seemed to clear up most issues.

Things that aren't supported because I didn't manage my time well enough but
will be in the next game I swear

Gamepad input, key rebinding, fullscreen, and saving and loading the game
to/from disk are conspicuously absent. I apologize for any issues this causes.
If there is demand, I can try and patch them in. Given these absences, I'm leaving the Itch project status for this as 'Prototype.' I will be refactoring the core and adding these things in for future projects as my next action.


Made in 2019 by Rabbitboots

Using the LÖVE 2D Engine / Framework, version 11.2

Tools used:
Ad Lib Tracker II

v1.01 - 8 Apr 2019 - Fix "S" not working to activate machines. Thanks Broccoli!
v1.0 8 - Apr 2019 - Initial Release

Game is Copyright 2019 Rabbitboots, All Rights Reserved And Stuff

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Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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