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Want sweeter?

Hoo-Boy - A platformer game about the adventures of a candy boy hailing from Candy-Land.

Jump on platforms, avoid traps, defeat enemies, collect coins and find secrets together with our brave hero in his amazing adventure!

- 25 Levels.
- Enemies and traps.
- Customization.
- Find easter eggs and portal in Candy-Land.

Release date
Anatoly Konstantinov
Anatoly Konstantinov
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, 10
  • Processor: 1.33 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Last Modified: May 7, 2023

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Find secret portal to CandyLand
Go to snow valley
Get all stars on a all levels
Complete a game
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Find Easter Eggs
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Hoo-Boy reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Hoo-Boy is a primitive platformer in its essence. He is like two pennies, which the creator himself does not conceal: "... Everything is simple, it is a platformer about a candy which will not allow itself to be bored by the protracted, and will give an opportunity with interest to spend lunchtime at work or to take home evening ". A banal allusion on eating candy-lollipop, like game character, comes to mind. Myloidnaya sweetness changes the stereotype of "horns and legs" on the "limbs and the nipple." The Sweet creature jumps, runs and does not express itself when the leg is on a shipe. The Player will conduct the character through 15 levels of the base Representative platformers. The Goal is clear-get to the finish column in a non-figurative key. The Difficulty is exactly at the level, so that you do not want to feel irritated by the game. It is verified just above the unobtrusive jumps on the platforms. Very soon you will experience the rebound between the platforms above and below so that it turned to get upstairs. This is a typical mechanic in games that is difficult to explain in words. Later it will be important to pay attention to the camera, because it cleverly hides from you spikes. "Chelenj" a little is reinforced by perfectionism. Passion to collect everything at the level will require more caution or care. Some of the coins are better hidden, the rest-hid behind the traps. The Graphics will not surprise. Soft and glossy textures are slightly better than the initial sketches in the Peinte. The Soundtrack together with such picture create an effect of the attractive cartoon. Backgrounds are not rich, everything is arranged in the editor under the copier. Only spiders, cobwebs and bats in caves are notable From small details. Oh, yes, there's good music. You won't write anything Else. For 39 rubles in the reality of the difficult time now you have a dilemma: buy a candy or pass from 25 minutes to an hour in "Hoo-Boy". 5 of 10 Curat "Special Games Club"-a verb burning the expanse of STEAM!
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Yes-yes, a simple game for walking lollipop, jumping on the soaring platforms against the backdrop of nature. Why not write a positive review on such a harmless and positive toy? And yet not. It's not that the game has bugs. Lollipop man sometimes without reason jumps to a huge height. Especially "On time" this happens when you need to cross the abyss and thorns. He Also sometimes begins to slide slightly off a flat platform at the time of landing, as if she is smeared with a troll fat. Sometimes it fails in the platform. However, these bugs are quite tolerant. And It is intolerable that in this game there is no soul, no idea, no atmosphere. And even no original model or sound track (used some standard samples from Unity, as it is written in credits). I think, and there are no enemies, not because the authors have conceived such a positive game, but because they apparently have not learned to add them. The Inscription "Russian language is not supported" looks like a mockery, because no language is needed for the passage. And I do not understand people who wrote that the main character "causes affection" and that he is "funny". Seriously? These black twisting limbs and disproportionately huge round torso without a head, without a face.... It Will be a night-long stutter! Of Course, I did not expect that when you start this game I will see the world of world of Warcraft. But I do not know that it is an inability to assess the real significance of their project, or it is greed, pushes developers to display the page Steam frankly weak creation. Slava Azura, in this kind of game though there is a list of levels and the ability to see their results, in contrast, for example, from Light in the dark! The Main reason for my dissatisfaction is the absence of a core, without which the game seems to be a set of animations. No matter How primitive to look there are games, take at least Mario, though Tetris, though free Drop Alive, etc.-they have an idea. And there is not, and nothing new this game does not carry. Well, is it only possible to get the perfect game in statistics, because there are acachivki. PS. The Word hoo-boy is not specifically translated. It's an expression that flies off the lips at the sight of something shocking. This can be translated as: "Well, man!", "Ugh, you!" or "Yo-mayo!". In my opinion, this is eloquent evidence of the attitude of developers to their creation.
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