Hoot In The Hood

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One Button To rule them All. 
Mouse Only
Click to Jump, Hold to switch power mode

To pass the menu click on all 4 columns

Didn't have time for Level design, so just concept.

My submition for the GameMaker'sToolKit Jam.

The theme was this video : Youtube (Good abstract of the theme)

I kinda went in the "downwell" direction with a runner, which could have been better.

I love One button games, so as soon as I laid eye upon this theme I knew : Let's do a musical Runner one button game !

For about a year now i think,  I have this concept turning into my head : Make a game with 4 musical genre depicting 4 power of our protagonist. The Ultimate goal of this project would have been to have a music that change with the inputs (like a note at each jump), but that was waaay to complex for a jam. So I went for just 4 differents genre of the same music that switch depending on the current Mode of the player.

Unfortunately I did not have the time for balancing and level design (and more monsters design). But I will surely finish this game as I started really getting a good feeling at the end.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to make any remarks.

Android build Incoming later this week

Thank you

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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