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Impulse: Space Combat

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Impulse: Space Combat is a first person, realistic, action / survival game. In Impulse, physics play a major role in determining which team will be left standing. All movement and shooting, whether by the player or Impulse's ruthless AI pilots, is controlled using physics. When your ship is hit with a projectile you will feel the impact! In survival mode, harvest the asteroid field's metal resource to build your own fleet of fighters and turrets to defend against the next wave!

What are the current features?

There are currently two gamemodes, skirmish and wave survival. In skirmish mode, two teams of AI controlled fighter spacecraft are pitted against each other in a customizable, randomly generated, asteroid field. This is a battle to the last man, each team must completely wipe out the other to secure victory. Survival mode is a more gradual and calm experience (at first). The player must navigate a large asteroid field, mining metal, and building defenses during prep-time. When the counter runs to zero, a wave of enemies hunt down the player and his/her defenses. This gamemode starts off seemingly easy, but becomes frantic as the waves increase in difficulty.

The newest gamemode addition is the level editor (called the battle sandbox). This mode lets the player set up battles with as many ships and asteroids as they wish and test out new ships before they make it into the rest of the game, such as the Corvette. This mode was inspired by games like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

  • New Level editor mode
  • Corvette class ship (two flak and two machine gun turrets)
  • Survival mode (new), fight off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies
  • Player building, build fighters, turrets and support crates to help defend yourself in survival mode
  • Fighter-class ships (armed with impulse cannons)
  • Gunship class ships (armed with a cannon and rocket pods)
  • Minelayer class ships (armed with dual turrets and the ability to deploy mines)
  • Turrets (regular, double-barreled and flak)
  • Customizable randomly generated asteroid field (skirmish only)
  • Physics based combat and movement
  • Customizable skirmish gamemode, two teams fighting to control an asteroid field
  • High level of ship control (fire-modes, toggleable headlight, even the ability to disable inertial dampening)
  • Asteroid mining (survival only, using lasers)
  • Full six-degrees of freedom
  • Realistic sound system for space

What can I expect for the future of this game?

With the recent Greenlight success, development of this game will return to a more regular pace. As a developer, I want to put the power of "what happens next" in the players' hands. This means that in the near future there will be surveys that can tell me what you, the player, would like to see next the most. Before this however, there will be a period of optimizing and making the game more modular to support such additions. Here is a list of possible additions that the players could choose from (or suggest their own ideas, of course):

  • Level editor (workshop support along the lines of Paint the Town Red)
  • More advanced survival features such as new resources to mine/scrap
  • An open world variant of survival where the player can roam around, attacking/defending against enemy outposts
  • New ship classes (anything from bombers to carrier ships)
  • New weapons and weapon variants/customization options
Release date
Darkmatter Games
Stribling Media
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 and above
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: This game is very easy to run on even the weakest computers. It was originally built on a laptop so performance is of top priority.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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