Indie Games

Indie is one of the vaguest categories in video games. Generally, it describes any title developed by independent (thus the name) studio which means that game's launch was not powered with publisher's funds or any financial support other than crowdfunding. The genre is kickstarted mainly because of the variety of crowd-funding policies and many early-access platforms like Steam Greenlight. A corporation does not develop indies, so primarily the genre is associated with single developers or small studios. Lacking the budget, indie games are mostly shorter and lesser than their publisher-financed competitors. Such titles, therefore, bear no attachment to censorship regulations and can express whatever authors wish. It is worth to mention that a large portion of adult games is indie. The rules above can be applied to the most games; however, not all. Some titles may feature publisher, but it cannot affect the final product. Some specific examples of indie are World of Goo, Undertale, and Braid.