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Interstellar Transport Company

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Manage a space transportation company. Help colonize the galaxy and dominate the competition in single player and online multiplayer! Use your business cunning to take your fledgling company from humble beginnings on Earth and it's neighboring planets and moons to the far reaches of the Galaxy. Buy ships, manage routes, conduct trade deals, build infrastructure, colonize new worlds, invest in local industry; All set in a procedurally generated galaxy with challenging AI, and Online Multiplayer. You will have a new experience every time you play.Help Colonize The CosmosHelp humankind spread throughout the galaxy by managing resource flows and the supply chains needed to sustain it's growth. Balance colony expansion against resource deliveries to ensure you never bring a planet to starvation. Using a highly sophisticated and complex simulation, every decision you make can have lasting consequences throughout the entire game.Procedurally Generated GalaxyInterstellar Transport Company has a scientifically grounded galaxy generator which produces challenging and believable maps. Play with 1 to 300 star systems in custom game mode or use predefined game settings and try to top the leaderboards. You can even play without our solar system (replaced by a randomly generated starting system) if you want to freshen things up even more!Realistic Business ManagementManage cashflow, take loans and issue bonds, deal with the local authorities and maintain high reputation throughout the galaxy. Invest in developing markets and hedge your risks. Balance expenses against value to crush your competitors.Play Any Way You WantPlay single player custom games against AI or alone with many different galaxy and difficulty settings. Or play with the predefined settings and compete on the global leaderboards. Maybe competitive multiplayer is your thing? Play a shortened balanced game against players near your own skill level. You can even play a co-op multiplayer game, teaming up with friends against the AI.
Release date
Aug 16, 2017
MT Worlds
MT Worlds
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1800 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Interstellar Transport Company reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Absolutely Successful Game, but Still Early Access! You learn easily and you get into the Game quickly. However, if you have SOL For half care and want to Expand, you quickly get Perfomancy Problems. I have to say at some point you only use the highest Time Level to get to big Money quickly for the profitable big Ships. (With medium Galaxy Size and 65 Planets) Graphic has succeeded in no longer saying that possibly small Details such as Ships would be Worthy of Improvement but not so important. Sound becomes monotonous in the Long run and a bit annoying. In the present State, You can play In any case and really makes you Addicted, even if the Game progress is currently Limited. I hope for a bit Of Balancing of the Planets with Demand and Merit of the Ships to make up for the Perfomance Problems or just make the Ships faster. Maybe a few recruitable Mercenaries or similar as Escort for Ships. In the whole, I can only Recommend it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Interstellar Transport Company is a promising Early Access title for anyone who enjoys Genre management, Tycoon and Strategy. Fans of Games such as Transport Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon, Simutrans, Trainfever or Transport Sfever should follow further Development. The Game is already playable. The Developer is very active. It is particularly positive that the Developer personally responds to Comments and Suggestions from the (still) small Community and responds. Via Twitter, it is understandable that some Proposals are being implemented directly. The Game is not very complex at first Glance. There is a manageable Number of Resources and not too many Ship types at first. Quite quickly, however, there is the Complexity that quickly arises when trading Beyond the first Planet. You start in the Standard Single-digits In our Solar System and act between The earth and the Moon (Luna). The first profitable Routes are quickly set up. Now, however, one should not think that it already would have been. If you want to colonize more Planets, it will be increasingly difficult to find the right Balance between resources. You also have to build Colonies before they get big enough to set up profitable Routes. Strategy is then required: Which Colonies do I build? Will the initial Losses pay off in the Future? What does the Competition do? I, etc., etc., etc. The Game is Early Access, so it is clear that it still has some Teething problems. The Developer has already fixed some bugs on Release day. This gives me a positive view of the further Development. Recommended for the current Price if you want to support the Developer and participate in the further Development. Also, the Chances are very good that your own Ideas and Suggestions will be taken up by the Developer, which you can see for yourself. So skin pure and happy trading! ;)
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