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Iron Fisticle

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Iron Fisticle is a challenging twin-stick shooter that requires reflexes, speed and quick thinking to master. It takes the classic arcade arena shooters of the mid 80s and drags them, axes flying, into the 21st century.

Inspired by truly old school arcade games right down to the (optional) scanlines themselves, Iron Fisticle is both a retro game and a reinvention of a classic genre, with multiple routes through the game, bonus stages, a large variety of weapons and enemies, clever boss fights and much more:

• Classic twin-stick arcade gameplay meets modern accessibility, with controller support, achievements and collectables; endless supply of quarters and blistered thumbs not required.

• Randomly generated dungeons keep the gameplay fresh and offer a new experience every play-through.

• Re-live multiplayer as it was designed to be, with simultaneous two player local co-op.

• Multiple stats upgrades and weapon pick-ups change the way you play and fight in each game, while roguelikes-style persistent character upgrades allow you to explore deeper after every death.

• Over 150 different items to collect ranging from score boosters to weapons and power-ups.

• A scoring system that encourages fast paced risk taking while encouraging experimentation and discovery - like all the best classic arcade games.

• Retro-styled, hand-drawn pixel art graphics running at 60 FPS for a fluid action experience, complemented by excellent chip-tune inspired music and audio effects from Andy Lemon
Release date
Confused Pelican
Curve Digital
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: Dual Core at 2Ghz and above
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Open GL 2.0 Compatible Card
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Iron Fisticle reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Any self-respecting arcade enthusiast CAN'T get to know masterpieces such as Gauntlet and Ghosts ' n Goblins. These Are two super-classics from the arcade, both dated 1985 and returned to be talked about in "modern" times thanks to some reboot and reinterpretations; Among these I like to cite Gauntlet (2014), Cursed Castilla (2016) and the never-praised ULTIMATE Ghosts ' n Goblins, Little Gem released on the PSP in the not-so-so-close 2006. Iron Fisticle tries to find a meeting point between the two titles, starting from a game setting similar to that of the Atari title and seasoning It all with a number of details-cosmetics and non-borrowed from the CAPCOM home game. Since the first seconds of the game Iron Fisticle is set up as a kind of frantic and claustrophobic twin-stick shooter, with a twofold focus: eliminate as fast as possible approaching enemies and collect items dropped (food), so Increase and keep the score multiplier active. And the score in this case is not just an end in itself: the increase of the latter will earn experience points that will allow us to unlock new weapons and upgrades to be used in successive runs. The weapons, in particular, are the jewel in the crown of the game: The arsenal is well stocked and includes spears, knives, bows, bombs, shuriken and who most of them put-each with their own peculiarities and special effects. As often happens in the recent titles of arcade mold, also in this case has sought a gimmick that makes the GAME OVER a little ' less frustrating-a reasonable choice, since the standard difficulty level is rather punitive and does not allow declines of Attention. In the various regular internships (and in some nice dedicated bonus stages, in which the game will suddenly turn into a classic platformer à la Super Mario Bros) It will in fact be possible to accumulate coins, which can be spent in special stores to buy Permanent upgrades (and other less expensive ones limited to the current run) at health, speed/attack power and motion speed. Iron Fisticle is a simple and fun game, from which I do great very hard to detach me once started: excellent music and graphics retro-approved (with 9999 bonus points for the scanlines activable!) go to complete the picture of a title that centers in full The objective of revisiting in a modern key a timeless genre. For The record, however, it should be said that the software house Confused Pelikan has recently released on Steam the remake Iron Crypticle, which improves the overall gaming experience and implements a new local-Coop 4-player mode (formerly Cappata to 2 Players). Without prejudice to the positive judgement on iron fisticle (reflected in my evaluation), in light of what just said and the price remained fixed at 8.99 euros, I can not do anything but advise you to reloads the original and buy directly Iron crypticle. If you liked this review click "Follow" on the page of the Curator of my group: you will always be updated with my personal advice and reviews of the best titles Indie/retro/roguelite in circulation!
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